Dota2 : Batrider widescreen

Dota2 : Batrider

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Anyone who show weakness or lose vigilance in the jungle Yama repent immediately lose their lives. It is therefore difficult to believe that an ordinary boy Batrider, working on the family fields, able to survive after a meeting with a huge bat.
Last, remember that guy, there was a sharp sensation of pain from the sharp claws of a predator. But he was not as easy as it seemed at first glance.
The huge thirst for life Batrider forced to escape from the claws to climb on his back and pierced his bat instruments.
Adrenaline, which felt the guy was his drug. Now all his thoughts were about the dangers and ventures. Every year at harvest time he went out on the field waiting for the next thing fly, but his attempts were in vain.
He began to look for his adventures, going deeper into the thickets. Eventually Batrider found the cave, which is inhabited by the very flying predators.
Then, when it was only a rope and with a fiery mixture of bottle, which was to provide a weak source of light in the darkness.
By participating in the battles against powerful magicians, the guy has to show all their skills to defeat the magic of the mind. The resin which exudes from the trees in the jungle, has become an excellent means of slowing down. And an enemy covered with Sticky Napalm, burn much better.
Mixing different burning liquid was truly explosive cocktail Flamebreak, which is great for creating chaos in the enemy ranks.
Pour tar his opponents very well, but without the sparks do not make any sense. Forcing a bat to climb far above the trees in the forest, man sets fire to everything in its path. Firefly destroys a forest, and the enemies that are hidden in it.
It’s hard to do something, if you suddenly lift off the ground and rushed into the sky without their consent. Batrider captures enemy in Flaming Lasso and shows how scary is to fly.
Batrider used to rely only on yourself and your pet, so great need of help, he can not see. But himself can help anyone completely if necessary.
Any opponent who will be able to prohibit the hero to use his tricks, will be the main enemy in every battle.

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