Dota2 : Arc Warden Pictures

Dota2 : Arc Warden

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Arc Warden is a hero with a ranged attack, the main attribute is Agility agility. His first ability, Flux, covers an enemy creature, slowing its movement speed and dealing damage if it is the one. The effect is blocked if the target has allies. The second ability, Magnetic Field, generates a field that gives 100% Dodge chance against attacks made from outside, as well as the extra attack speed to allied heroes and buildings within. Third ability, Spark, Wraith, Ghost calls upon the spark that is slowly materialized. When an enemy appears within range of a spark inflicts magic damage and slows it down. Ultimate, Tempest Double, creates an electric Arc copy of the Warden that can use all his abilities and items.
History: Before the beginning, in the absolute void was inhabited by a single entity — the primordial consciousness. Endless, incredible, it was only his own mysterious purposes. Along with thunder, which marked the creation of the universe was heard and then a crash of the original consciousness split. Two of the largest of its fragments, which much later will be called Light and Darkness, opened each other’s worst enemies, and committed all his existence to the total destruction of the enemy.
The war began to threaten the existence of a barely conceived space, and then the third fragment has expressed a desire to intervene. Pure reason, called themselves the Zeta, wanted to stop the chaos and restore the unity of being. Amazed by the immeasurable cruelty of the brothers of the Zeta gathered all his strength and one bright flash overcame the two warring parties. Two of the enemy were compressed together until they formed a cosmic body, sent circling around an unknown planet in the distant edge of the universe. Zet has almost completely lost the strength, but in the universe of order reigned. Turning his gaze to the prison, Zeta has sent the remnants of the forces for its protection. A Millennium guard remained unshaken. The planet blossomed, full of life and puts them exempt from thinking about the horrors lurking beneath the surface of the moon, and the efforts of Zeta to hold them back. But when the internal struggle reached such force that the moon’s surface is beginning to crumble, z realized that his depleted forces are no longer sufficient. The satellite exploded into pieces and released into the wild ancient prisoners, eager. The explosion threw Zeta at the distant edge of the galaxy, transforming its essence. It crashed into many pieces, lacking a unified form and thought, but held only by energy from the floating mind. Suppressing a sense of self-fragmentation, Zet sped toward renewed battle brothers. This time he knew what to do. To put an end to the eternal war, ghosts of past consciousness must either unite or destroy…

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