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Hero history Drow Ranger (Trucks)
When Trakses was a little girl, she traveled with her parents in the caravan. One day a caravan was attacked by robbers, they are severely punished with all the people that were in it, but the little girl was able to escape.
For her happiness, bustling robbery caught the attention of the dark elves, who did not like the killing of innocent people. After the massacre with the robbers, they noticed a little girl who hid among remnants of the caravan.
Elves have decided not to leave the child and took him to her. Although she was a prisoner, but was able to learn from the tribe drow their mastery of stealth, cunning, agility.
Dark elves were small growth, so Trakses quickly became higher and started to be very different from their tribe. As a result, she decided to go to the forest and live alone.
Since then, it protects against thieves of all lost in the woods.
Trakses spent a lot of time in training and learning the wisdom of the dark elves. Her ownership of onions reached full mastery. To punish robbers, Trakses chose ice arrows that tightly freezes any enemy. No enemy will not escape punishment by a Frost Arrows.
Dark elves renounced magic, and prefer to use bladed weapons in the battle with the enemy. Drow Ranger mastered spell that prohibits all enemies to cast and use their magical powers. Gust not only prohibits the use of magic, but also casts opponents of Trakses.
Being close to the Drow Ranger, Archer begins to feel any confidence and tries to reveal its full potential. Precision Aura, which comes from the girl, making allies of attack more than usual.
All mastery of the bow is revealed when near Trakses no enemies. In the far distance Marksmanship simply destroy any enemy in seconds.
She used to be a child herself, and someone to help her is not completely necessary, but if a serious opponent, the Shadow Shaman will help keep it in one place completely helpless until ice arrows do not kill him.
Archer can not fight when the enemy is near, so the meeting with Riki can be lethal to Drow Ranger. Fragile girl to fall by a few strokes of the cunning enemy.

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