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Birthday: 25.02.1974 year
Age: 19 years
Place of birth: Mumbai, UK
Date of death: 05.04.1993 year
Place of death: Versova, India
Citizenship: India
Her professional career began in 1990 with drama in Telugu ‘Bobbili Raja’ with Brahmanandam (Brahmanandam). After a few hits, Bharti received an invitation to shoot in the Hindi film ‘Three angry men 2’ (‘Vishwatma’) in 1992, where her performances of the song ‘Saat Samundar Paar’ has brought her real fame. Divya has acted in more than 14 Hindi films in 1992 and 1993, what was the world record for a rookie.
Bharti married nadiadwala of Sajid (Sajid Nadiadwala) in may 1992. Bollywood diva’s career ended with her tragic death in April 1993. , Divya was only 19 years old. The investigation into her death was terminated in 1998; the true cause of her death still remains a mystery.
Divya Om Prakash Bharti (Divya Om Prakash Bharti) was born on 25 February 1974, the year in Mumbai, India (Mumbai, India). She studied in the 9th grade when she was offered to star in the film. The heroine reminded the then superstar Sridevi (Sridevi), which could not fail to notice many Directors and producers. Parents Bharti hesitated, till Nandu Tolani (Nandu Tolani) has not invited her to play in the blockbuster ‘the king of the underworld’ (‘Gunahon Ka Devta’) in 1988. At that time, Divya was 14.5 years.
Meanwhile, Bharti found out through his friend that Dalip Shankar (Dalip Shankar) is looking for a new girl in the movie ‘Aatank Hi Aatank’ and ‘Rudra Avtaar’, both Aamir Khan (Aamir Khan). With parental permission, the young actress signed a contract to participate in both projects.
Many Directors wanted to work with a lovely Bharti, including Boney Kapoor (Boney Kapoor), Shabnam Kapoor (Shabnam Kapoor), Shekhar Kapur (Shekhar Kapoor) and Subhash Ghai (Subhash Ghai). They all just raved about it, but no hurry to sign a contract with her because of her bad reputation. So, in the magazines and then there were notes about her crazy and wild temper.
When Boney Kapoor still made a deal with her for the shooting of the film ‘Prem’ with a larger budget, eight days Divya overboard, and its place was taken by the actress Tabu (Tabu). Later Subhash Ghai took the actress in his Thriller ‘Dealer’ (‘Saudagar’) with Aamir Khan, but after 20 days, the role was given Maniche Koirala (Manisha Koirala) and Mushran Vivek (Vivek Mushran).
A while Bharti was forced to slack, but, fortunately, at one point it came to one of the largest producers, Dr. Daggubati Ramanaidoo (Daggubati Ramanaidu), through which she became a member of the ensemble cast of the Telugu film ‘Bobbili Raja’, which became a real bomb.
Wayward Divya before this turning point has already departed from many of the major projects, which became depressed and left Mumbai. On her return, she immediately contacted the producer of the film ‘Bobbili Raja’ and offered participation in this new picture. In the November issue of the journal ‘Movie’ in 1991, the actress talked about her anxieties: ‘I didn’t want to do. I said ‘no’ but my mother said ‘Yes’. Imagine, the film became a huge hit, and I became a superstar’.
When now famous among the audience of Telugu actress learned that Rajiv Rai (Rajiv Rai) is looking for a new face for his Thriller ‘Three angry men 2’ with Sunny Deola (Sunny Deol), she gathered her courage and walked in Paradise with his portfolio. On the same day, Bharti signed with them. After the release of this film and executed it Bharti song ‘Saat Samundar Paar’, offers poured in for the actress, as if pouring rain. She signed a film contract immediately in 14 movies.
With the release of the musical ‘Dil Ka Kya Kasoor’ no one was expecting it to be so sluggish perceived by the audience. However, the film magazine ‘Filmfare’ put played it Bharti the ten best performers. About participation in the failed project of Divya said: ‘I wanted to show myself. But I fell flat on his face. Now I can start my ascent again. However, I’m sure that someday, success will be mine’.
In fact, Bharti was again on horseback with the release of the film Rosa and the flame’ (‘Shola Aur Shabnam’), which became a hit in the box office. Moreover, this picture has helped the career development of Govinda (Govinda) and her Director David Dhawan (David Dhawan). Four months later the love story of Raja Kanwar (Raj Catarina orochena) ‘Crazy love’ (‘Deewana’) also became a hit, and superuser Divi helped her out of the category of beginners and become an actress of the first class.
5 April 1993, Bharti fell from the 5th floor of the house, located in a prestigious area Versova (Versova), where lived her husband. The media immediately began to put forward hypotheses about her suicide, accident and even murder of the actress. The investigation into the death was closed in 1998 without any definite decision.
The last two films Divi, ‘colors of life’ (‘Rang’) and ‘Chess’ (‘Shatranj’), was released a few months after her death. Both films were dedicated to the memory of bollywood actress.

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