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General information:
Full name: Detroit
State: Michigan
Established: 1701
Population (the surroundings): 4.5 million people..
Area: 370 sq km
It is a large city geographically located on the northern US and neighboring Canada. Being one of the oldest urban US entities, Detroit was founded in 1701. Dubbed the Motor City and Motown city is known worldwide as a real car capital of the world.
Detroit’s population is 750 thousand people. The city was and is the largest settlement in the state of Michigan and the Midwest of America in size is second only to Chicago. The population of the city of Detroit steadily shrinking, despite the intense population growth in the metropolitan area of ​​Michigan.
In 1701, French army officer, Mr. Cadillac (sieur de Cadillac) led a small team founded a small settlement on the banks of the river, which connected Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. This river, justly dubbed the “Detroit”, from the French “Strait”, was the site of the waterway, which connects two of the Great Lakes Huron and Lake Erie. A very French settlement was named Fort Detroit. Suffice it a prime location of the city quickly turned Detroit into a significant transport hub. Since the mid-19th century the city was a stable growth of the industry, which was accompanied by intense population growth.
Not far from Detroit in 1899, the then little-known Henry Ford built a car plant, and in 1903 founded his own company – Ford Motor Company. He was the first who introduced conveyor assembly. To mass assembly of the world famous car “Model T” and make it accessible to ordinary Americans, Ford in its sales of the model city car has reached the mark of 15 million copies. So, over time, Ford Motor Company was the largest automobile company known on the mainland. Ford innovations and technologies were rapidly introduced its main competitors. Major automobile companies such as General Motors and Chrysler have also opened their headquarters in Detroit. Thus, Detroit almost lightning turned into a huge car capital of the world.
Detroit ghost town
Almost half a century the number of inhabitants of Detroit fell almost 2-fold. The city’s economy is experiencing truly the strongest financial crisis and the high unemployment rate exceeds 19% in Detroit and 11% – in the metropolitan area. Despite the futile attempts to create a large number of new jobs, Detroit, and to this day is a symbol of the frightening collapse, decline and depression. Almost 34% of residents now live below the poverty line. This is the highest index among the largest cities in the United States.
Modern landmarks of the city, as before, are connected with cars, Henry Ford Museum, Ford’s visit to the plant, the Ford family mansions. The main attraction of the city – it is part of the promenade, which stretches for 8 kilometers and filled with prestigious shops, extensive park areas, renowned restaurants and skyscrapers, and is called “Detroit Riverfront.” It also placed and the Renaissance Center. This is a huge complex consisting of seven impressive towers, which houses shops, a luxury hotel, a variety of restaurants and contemporary theater, as well as the headquarters of the company General Motors. In addition, the Riverfront is known for the most beautiful area of ​​Hart Plaza, a sports complex, as well as the Cobo center in which every winter has been very significant for the US auto show – North American International Auto Show. Riverfront area extends to the attractive island of Belle Isle, which is stunning in its beauty the park.

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