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Calibration in full swing! This is the merit of David Duchovny, the native New Yorker. Attractive, gifted, ironic, he was treated for sex-and-sexism and assures that he is completely healthy. However, whatever his personal preferences, the audience just “hooked” on Duchovny seriously and for a long time.

Short biography
Born in New York on August 7, 1960. Mom had Scottish roots, Dad – Jewish, David has a brother and sister. In childhood, he dreamed of a baseball player’s career, was fond of philosophy and literature, entered the prestigious University of Priston, in 1982, received a bachelor’s degree in English literature, then studied at the elite Yale University, wrote his master’s thesis on modern poetry and prose. At this time, the young man became interested in theater and cinema, began taking acting lessons. However, serious roles were still far away: he worked as a meat distributor, assistant teacher, food supplier, bartender.

On television, Duchovny made his debut in the commercial of beer, and among the first episodic film roles can be noted the film “Business Woman (1988),” New Year’s Day “(1989),” Evil Influence “(1990). In 1990, David Lynch offered the novice actor to play the agent of the anti-drug service, transvestite Denis Bryson, in three episodes of the cult TV series “Twin Peaks”. Then Zalman King invited him in the “Diaries of the Red Slipper” (1992) for the romantic role of an abandoned lover. David’s journey to Olympus film industry was long and difficult. In the end, 20th Century Fox studio producer Randy Stone paid attention to him, recommending Duchovny to Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files television series. Carter initially did not like the actor, whose appearance seemed too standard, but after the trial he changed his mind, and David was approved for the role of agent Mulder.

This sci-fi television series was an incredible international success, Duchovny and his partner Gillian Anderson (agent Dana Scully) instantly became the stars of the first magnitude. Mulder turned into a legend of pop culture: everyone had the stinging sense of humor of the hero. The fans liked the fact that the agent showed restraint and joked even in the face of terrible danger. David improvised a lot, wrote the script for several episodes and directed them himself. The series began in 1993 and ended in 2002, two full-length films were shot based on it: “The X-Files: Fighting for the Future” (1998) and “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” (2008). The project has collected a huge number of television awards, and Duchovny, in particular, received the Golden Globe (1997) in the nomination “Best Actor in a Dramatic Television Series”. In May of the same year, he married actress Tea Leoni. The ceremony was modest, the celebration was celebrated in a French restaurant. At the moment, the couple lives separately, but the actor says that two children have always been and remain a priority for him: “They are the meaning of my life.”

Marriage has cracked due to frequent betrayals of the Spiritual. Embodying any role on the screen, he often transfers his image to real life and, apparently, he became too enthusiastic about “Californiaization” (“California”), whose hero, the famous writer Hank Moody, is bogged down with problems on a personal front. For this role, the actor received in 2007 the Golden Globe.

Spiritually successful and beautiful, but fans expect him to show himself in serious intellectual cinema. In addition, the actor struggles with his excessive sexual activity as much as he can: “Sex is beautiful until death. But he will never be as amazing as you dreamed when you were a kid. Because for a child, sex is a mystery. ”

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