Darkest Dungeon: Occultist Background

Darkest Dungeon: Occultist

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“To overcome the abyss, it is necessary to know well. ”
~ Narrator
Occultist is a support class which has powerful debuff skills and is able to heal party members. He has quite a few lives, and he applied a little damage. Its Vulnerability Hex marks enemies and makes it a great companion for a mercenary, crossbowmen or trainers. Weakening Curse rapidly reduces damage to the enemy, a pair of stacks of the debuff, and your enemy is almost does not cause damage.
With Daemon’s Pull it can attract enemies to the last series, allowing your team to destroy the priorities quickly. As a bonus – it’s ability to cleanse the battlefield of corpses. Abyssal Artillery allow him to inflict damage on the rear ranks. In the front rows Occultist can use Hands From Below slightly reducing the level of light in exchange for a stunning two enemies. And finally, the most useful skill Occultist Wyrd Reconstruction – the ability of the treatment Occultist, it has a rather large spread and how can cure you completely and treat at 0 lives. This skill has a small chance to hang on to ally bleeding, but with all this it is quite a good source of treatment for the group.
Although Occultist does not much damage his ability to have a rather high chance of a critical hit. Sacrificial Stab has a base critical hit chance of 10% and can be a good tool to raise the morale of critical strikes. Just Occultist Increases damage inflicted by Eldritch (Mystic), which in turn is useful in the Bay
On vacation Occultist ability is quite strong, but have serious negative effects: it can cure an ally and to remove from it the effect of “death”, but your torch goes out; it can greatly reduce your stress, but all the rest of his teammates will have stress; it can increase the damage an ally by 20%, but at the same time get himself stress; and finally, it can prevent the night attack, but the group will receive the stress.
Overall Occultist it is a very specialized character under which it is necessary to select the group wisely. Depending on the composition of the expedition, it can be a very powerful ally, and practically useless member of the team.

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