Darkest Dungeon: Hound Master Wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Hound Master

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“The servant of the law and his faithful dog – this friendship has stood the test in bloody battles. ”
~ Narrator
Hound Master added to update Corpse & Hound. He has quite a diverse set of skills, which serves both to damage and to support the Allies. Two of its main abilities Hound’s Rush and Hound’s Harry cause bleeding, Hound’s Rush as damage inflicted on the animals. This means that the Hound Master is much more effective in most cases and reserves – in the two areas most vulnerable to the enemy bleeding. If you take the Hound Master in ruins, he will be quite ineffective against the dead. In the Bay of enemies Eldritch (mystic) also have relatively high resistance to bleeding.
Hound Master has several fairly large set of skills Utiliti: Target Whistle marks the target and reduces its defense – this makes it an invaluable hero against enemies with high defense; Cry Havoc lets you take a little stress to your group directly in combat; Guard Dog protects your party members and thus gives Hound Master buff evasion; Lick Wounds take medical treatment little Hound Master; Blackjack stun the enemy;
We Hound Master always has an ace up its sleeve – a dog bone. You get two dog bones on the expedition and can use them in combat. When using the bones you get a very powerful buff for a few rounds. All this makes the perfect companion Hound Master against the bosses and enemies with low resistance to bleeding.

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