Darkest Dungeon: Abomination widescreen wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Abomination

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“This vicious, tortured torture people far more dangerous than it might seem. ”
~ Narrator
Abomination has been introduced in the update Inhuman Bondage. It is a strong and quite versatile fighter. He can apply a lot of damage in the form of the beast, pulling at the same time to the third position, or it may permanently incapacitates targets in human form (inflicting decent damage). It may also impose poison the second and third positions. It is capable of self control of their health and stress scale in human form.
All of his skills are available when hiring; Unlike other characters, it is not necessary to teach in the guild. The disadvantages of this class should include the fact that no religious class (Vestal, Crusader or leper) does not go with him on the expedition. This means that you will have to rely on self or occultists. Also, the transformation into a beast does quite a lot of stress to all party members.

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