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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter Strike – a game in which a whole generation has grown up. Counter-Strike fans – a special public. They believe that the Counter Strike 1.6 – this is the best game in which all debugged, thought, as usual. Therefore, when the light came the game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. She noisily failed. A Counter-Strike: Source, fans of the old games are also rejected.
The developers decided that it was time to make a new game. And there was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Apparently, in order not to irritate the true fans of Counter Strike, the basic concept left unchanged. Again two teams: the villains and fighters against terrorism. Fight to the last survivor. Terrorists have undermined the key points and keep the hostages and “forces of good” try to free the hostages, but the bomb and its owners – to disarm.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also a game in the genre of team first-person shooter.
“Loyalty to the traditions” – the main feature of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. nostalgia effect really works. You feel young. Sensation – the same battle, and better graphics. In fact, we got the same Counter-Strike with modified graphics, advanced arsenal of weapons. Maps updated, but left almost untouched its original structure. Developers have combined modern technology with nostalgia for the old Counter-Strike, but nothing fundamentally new to invent not have.
Like the soundtrack. Models players move more naturally. This also applies to a simple move on the map, and jumping squats.
The first time is very difficult to play. But quite quickly get used to, because inside it has remained the same “counter.” Those who know the card, just a few days required to complete the adaptation.
There is some feeling that everyone started to run a bit faster. However, a quick escape is possible only with a knife in his hand. With a heavy weapon is slow motion. heavier.

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