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Birthday: 08.06.1943 year
Place of birth: London, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Talented English actor, became especially popular after it appeared in the popular at the time, the television series “Doctor Who”. The period during which Colin was involved in the filming of the television series lasted from 1984 to 1986-th year.
Colin Baker was born on 8 June 1943 in the British capital – London. Almost immediately after birth Baker, Jr., the family of the future actor moved.
At the time Colin Baker was given an excellent education in one of the prestigious colleges of Manchester. Originally he dreamed of becoming a professional lawyer. However has not passed also several years as Colin’s views have changed dramatically.
Baker did not think about advocacy. He decided to become an actor and enrolled at the London Academy of music and dramatic art. Then he was barely 23 years.
Initially, Baker played a small insignificant role, which could not adequately reflect all the features a novice actor.
In 1972, the year Baker perfectly played the role of Anatol Kuragin in an adapted version of “War and Peace”. After – was an actor in the popular project “Brothers”, which pleased the fans of the television from 1974 to 1976.
After a certain period of time, Baker was asked to star in the famous TV series “Doctor Who”. This television project was shown on TV approximately 1963, the year and since then a lot of actors played in this role. Baker including.
After Doctor Who Baker has continued to play actively on the scene. His game attracted a considerable number of moviegoers who prefer the theatrical game.
In the nineties of the last century, the actor took part in another series – some medical drama and were back at the height of the temporary popularity.
The main tragedy of the life of an actor was the death of his son in 1983. What happened to such a degree impressed the Baker that he could not come to himself, and then created a Foundation for the study of sudden infant deaths and even performed the functions of Chairman of the organization – from 1997 year to 2005.
Currently, the actor continues to lead an active lifestyle. Despite it is already far not young age, Baker is full of energy and do not intend to retire.

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