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Cole Sprouse as a child
August 4, 1994 in the Italian city of Arezzo, which is located in the northern part of the country, Cole Mitchell Sproux was born 15 minutes later than his brother. And despite the fact that the future star of American cinema was born in Europe, a boy was born in an American family who taught foreign languages ​​in the Italian land of Tuscany. Four months after the birth of twins, the Sprouse family decided to return to their homeland, the city of Long Beach, California. Three years later, the boys’ parents broke the bonds of marriage, while the brothers remained to live with their father and new mother.
When the term of the agreement with Disney Corporation ended, and the brothers had matured a little, they, after consulting, decided that they would take a short break and leave the show business. So, young people were in New York, where they successfully passed exams at New York University. Cole from an early age was fond of history and therefore successfully completed the archaeological faculty, having passed all the exams perfectly.
After graduating from higher education, the young men had a question: where to go further in adult life. There were two roads, or to start working in the laboratory of a public institution, where he ended up in distribution, or to agree to a role in a television series. As a result, Sprouse decided to return to the cinema, and, as he wrote later on in social networks, he regrets nothing.

Cole Sprouse in the movies
Cole’s career on the set began after the grandmother advised the mother to interest her sons in show business. Already in six months, the brothers first appeared on American television screens, starring in an advertisement for diapers, and two months later, future actors played the role of Patrick Kelly in the ABC television project called “Grace on Fire”.
In the cinema, Cole made his debut when he was 7 years old. His first work was the comedy film “Big Dad”, in which he and his brother played a character named Julian. And although film critics are not the best way to respond to the motion picture, she collected a considerable cash.
The new work of Cole Sprouse and his brother was a movie called the Astronaut’s Wife. The next project of the young talent was the television series “Friends”, in which he played the role of Ross’s young offspring in seven episodes throughout 2001.

All type-top or life of Zack and Cody
Two years later, Cole, together with his brother, gets a role in a film called “Blow, another blow.” But a breakthrough in the boys’ career was a signed, a little later, a contract with Disney Corporation, according to which they were to appear in the television series “All Tip-Top, or the Life of Zack and Cody.” After the launch of the television series in hire, Cole and Dylan woke up famous. The continuation of the film was a new film project, called “All Tip-Top, or Life on Board,” which surpassed American television projects such as Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.
all type-top or zack life
In 2006, the movie “Chickens” was released, in which the Sprouts had to play the role of a ten-year-old boy named Jeremiah, whose childhood was extremely hard.
The cinema-goers around the world did not leave indifferent the next film project “The Prince and the Pauper: Modern History”, in which the young actor was to play the role of a spoiled teenager. A motion picture was released in 2007. Two years later, Cole, together with his brother, received an invitation to work on the filming of the comedy film “Kings of Appletown.” The film script was written based on the book by the famous American writer Mark Twain, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Cole Sprouse and his personal life
The personal life of the Sprouse brothers was under the scrutiny of not only journalists, but also their fans. The only trouble is that Cole practically does not reveal secrets about who he meets and who he was in love with. From a small amount of information received from social networks it is known that the young actor first kissed when he was eight years old. Who was the object of boyish romantic experiences the actor himself did not reveal the secret.

Cole Sprouse and Brie Morgan
The first serious relationship that the press spoke about, and which were discussed by fans of Cole Sprouse, was with the actress Brie Morgan. A young man met a girl in those years when he learned the archeology in a higher educational institution in New York. Warm relations of a couple in love lasted exactly two years, but in 2015 it became known that young people decided to leave.

Cole Sprouse and Lily Reinhart
Who the popular American actor is meeting right now is not exactly known. There are rumors in the blogosphere that Cole has repeatedly been accompanied by movie actress Lily Reinhart, who, like Sprouse, is working on the Riverdale movie series.

Cole Sprouse now
In 2017, the CW channel announced the launch of a new project called “Ridvale” and invited Cole Sprouss to play one of the main roles. Launched into production series filmed on the basis of comics “Archie”, which tells the story of adolescents with supernatural powers.
After the television project received a large number of excellent reviews, both from film critics and television viewers, the management of the American TV channel decided to start filming the second season of the series Riverdale. In March 2017, a contract was signed, and in the autumn of the same year, the new season was shown on television.
Despite the fact that filming takes almost all the forces and all the time, and Cole, according to the filmmakers with whom he works, works like an obsessed, the young man finds an opportunity to play with Sabrina Carpenter, Taylor Hill, Alishaya Boe and Rowan Blanchard in advertising, under contract with Converse. Also in October of the same year, Cole Sprouse allocated time for a photo shoot for the youth glossy magazine “Boys By Girls”. In the same month, the young actor received an invitation to take part in the filming of the TV host Set Myers, called “Late Night”.
Recently, a young man tries to interact more with his fans, spending a lot of time communicating in such social networks as Instagram and Twitter, where he publishes a lot of photos from the set and from his personal life.

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