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Film and theater actor, director, writer, public figure
Christopher Reeve was born September 25, 1952 in New York.
His parents, Barbara Johnson and Franklin Reeve novelist divorced when Christopher was four years old, then my mother took four of Chris and his brother Benjamin to Princeton, where he soon married. Christopher often came to his father, a professor in the university campus of Connecticut, and the father taught his son a lot, he knew himself, while not forgetting to make fun of his clumsiness and stupidity. However, as early as five years, Christopher was able to scuba dive and sail, spent much time in his father’s library, participate in educational productions privately Princeton school at eight years and nine years appeared on the professional stage Princeton theater “McCarter.”
Christopher with his brother often saw famous writers and poets who have come to visit the Franklin Reeve and this environment affected the intellectual development of boys, as well as their father’s passion for Russian literature. “But I was always desperate Benji! And how great we played with them in cardboard boxes, imagining that they are our ships, and we are pirates! Perhaps, since pirate battles and began my fascination with the stage? “- Later she told Reeve. He began to study with enthusiasm, studied music and English at Cornell University, he studied at the School of Music in New York and played a role in the theater “Old Vic” and “Comedie Francaise”.
Following European practices Christopher Reeve returned to New York and enrolled at the Juilliard School of Arts, but Christopher stepfather, stepson to pay for his studies, it is not the best of times, and Reeve had to part with expensive lessons in one of the best theater schools in New York. However, the 16-year-old Riva saw at the Theatre Festival in Williamstown Hasselayn agent and offered a contract to participate in the TV series “The Love of a lifetime.” After 2 years of participation in the series actor with memorable appearance he was invited to the Broadway production “The question of attraction” with Katharine Hepburn in the title role.
Soon, Reeve was able to play in a small role in the film diver “dive out of the abyss,” and Christopher’s finest hour was the role of Superman, which brought him worldwide fame and big fees.
On the set in London, the first film of Superman, he met with gay Exton, who bore him a son Matthew and daughter Alexandra. But their union, which lasted almost 15 years, has not ended in marriage.
Christopher Reeve later married Dana Morosini dancer, who bore him a son, Will. By the time they met Reeve was already famous, he was seventeen counts of highest-grossing and most successful movies, and about one hundred and fifty roles on the stage.
documentaries were filmed about kinotryukah which Chris performed without an understudy, and in addition to the film career he managed to engage in politics and philanthropy. But the prosperous and happy life of the actor appeared in an instant destroyed May 27, 1995.
World fame and a decent condition, allowed Chris to do all your favorite things at the same time, he enthusiastically devoted himself to his love of horses, became an athlete, triathletes, got a pilot’s license and twice flew the Atlantic alone in a small plane. Of particular delight I experienced Christopher, sitting in the saddle of his thoroughbred horse Eastern Express. 1990s became the flourishing Riva career, his personal life and during this period he began to devote most of their time to horses and equestrian sport. It was a real passion, from which he received bursts of adrenaline, a state of complete euphoria and endless pleasure from communication with the horse. Eastern Express was the best therapist for him and at the same time remedy for fatigue and irritation. This horse was a living energy clot, and Reeve received from surges on it accumulate lots of joy and cheerfulness. Together they participated in numerous tournaments, and even equestrian Christopher did not seek to be the first, he really enjoyed the process itself. Flying on a horse through an obstacle for him was far more exciting than flying in the cockpit.
In May 1995, the Eastern Express and Reeve overcame during jumps hurdles, distance coming to an end, and so Christopher relaxed a little. Suddenly Eastern Express threw sharply before the next obstacle, and Christopher was thrown forward. Rider inertia flew over the horse’s head, hand tangled in the bridle rein. After the fall of Reeve fell into a coma and was diagnosed with a fracture of the spine. The best American specialists did everything possible to save his life, and after six months of treatment in Kesslerovskom rehabilitation center in New Jersey Reeve returned home, but he was paralyzed below the shoulders, could not breathe independently, and talk can only by means inserted into the trachea apparatus. Later, Christopher said someone from friends: “If I was warned that I sometimes find myself paralyzed, I would have asked to shoot me!” When he came to himself after his coma, he found that life was over, and it turned into a full the disabled, who could not move, and breathe on their own. Only his wife Dana literally saved his mind as he tried to figure out how to live on.
Christopher realized that one can live for Dana, and their son, Will, and Matthew and Alexandra, which he was also required. Paralyzed actor was truly a pride of the nation – he put his money to charity, research in the field of spinal cord and establish a fund for research paralysis. He traveled around the country to give lectures in various public organizations, continued to work on television and in the movies. For a man who can breathe on their own a couple of hours a day and speak only with the help of a special apparatus, Chris led a very active life. His day began early in the morning with the replacement of the gym and training on special simulators. He spent much time with his children, playing with Will chess and watched him hockey games. They even arranged a race around the house: bicycle Will against the chair, Christopher. Reeve has traveled the country, speaking in various public organizations and universities. He campaigned for the improvement of the quality of life for the disabled and participated in raising funds for research in the field of spinal surgery. As Reeve himself admitted, every morning he had to get used again with its own state: “I go in my dreams. I never see myself in a wheelchair. My subconscious refuses to accept my physical condition as it actually is. And in the morning I need twenty minutes, to cry, to come to terms with the fact that I had lost, and in the end, to say: and now – go ahead! ”
Despite the almost complete paralysis, Christopher was able to act in the movie as a director. He directed the film “In the twilight”, which conducted a narrative about a young man with AIDS return home to die. In this film, starring Bridget Fonda and Whoopi Goldberg. And in April 1997, Christopher Reeve was honored to open his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Christopher came to the ceremony, despite the fact that a week before this broke his arm when he was transplanted from the simulator into a chair and accidentally dropped. During surgery, doctors inserted a titanium pin him, but after a few days Reeve thanked the directors who took him into their guild, “I open this new chapter in your life, and you have no idea how much this means to me.”
Public Speaking Christopher were given a very hard time. He could breathe on their own but a very short time, and from time to time, his body shaken by violent convulsions. During a speech at the New School in Manhattan had happened to him one of these seizures. When Reeve came to himself, he joked: “Wait a minute, guys, now I will be with you. So, where were we? ”
For his courageous behavior Christopher Reeve was awarded “For Courage” American national awards and being paralyzed, again starred in the movie. He played in the remake of Hitchcock’s thriller “Window” wheelchair-bound photographer who helps solve a murder.
The last years of his life, Christopher Reeve was working on the book “I Still” and “Nothing is impossible” to tell readers about his life and the struggle against misfortune. It was a truly heroic effort, because he wrote a book Reeve, using voice recognition computer. One of the purposes of this book, in the words of Christopher, – to help people understand that you can live a full life with a broken spine, and his example inspire others to courage in relation to their own odds.
Christopher believed that he could get out of the wheelchair. He was aware of the latest medical research on the problem of regenerating spinal nerves, and told reporters that, at its fiftieth anniversary hopes to make a toast, standing in front of his friends: “I believe that this is possible, and this will be my victory!” But this did not happen. October 10, 2004 the actor died of a heart attack.

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