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Christopher Plummer (Christopher Plummer) – a popular Canadian actor, winner of awards “Oscar”, “Golden Globe”, a BAFTA (for her role in “Beginners”) and “Emmy” ( “money-changers”) Award. It is also widely known for his paintings, “The Sound of Music”, “The Return of the Pink Panther,” “12 Monkeys,” “The Insider,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “National Treasure,” “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” “The Last Station”, “The Girl with the dragon Tattoo. ” Father of actress Amanda Plummer.
Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer was born on December 13, 1929 in Toronto in an aristocratic family. His grandfather on his mother was Prime Minister of Canada. Yachts, mansions, Victorian house and other splendor – Plummer remembers luxury cordoned off his childhood, and tells how to run away from it, “to break into the big bad world of the theater.” “Not from the street – up, and a living room Edwardian – down” – joking movie star.
In childhood Arthur Christopher he attended music school, played the piano and thought of linking their future with the music. Later, however, he became interested in theater, she began to appear on the local scene and go on tour. In adolescence Plummer decided to become a professional actor, and in eighteen played on Broadway, is gradually gaining respect and recognition of colleagues. For a long theatrical career, Christopher embodies many classic images: Benedict ( “Much Ado About Nothing”), Henry the V ( “Henry the V”), Mercutio ( “Romeo and Juliet”), Richard III of ( “Richard III of”), Macbeth ( ” Macbeth “), Cyrano de Bergerac (” Cyrano “), Iago (” Othello “), King Lear (” King Lear “), Julius Caesar (” Caesar and Cleopatra “). Subsequently, he was named the best performer of Shakespeare roles in North America of the twentieth century.
Plummer cinematic career began with the appearance in a whole pile of television series. His first feature-length project was tape Sidney Lumet “Carried away by the scene” (1958), where the actor worked alongside Henry Fonda and Susan Strasberg. Then he starred in the films “Wind over the plains,” “A Doll’s House”, “The Fall of the Roman Empire.” Christopher also played Hamlet in the eponymous film in 1964. The first works were of great importance for the actor, but does not represent anything outstanding in the eyes of the general public. The massive success came to him in 1965, when the world saw the film “The Sound of Music.” The film is set in Salzburg, Austria on the eve of the Second World War. Girl-orphan named Mary found shelter in a convent and is preparing to become a nun. But she could hardly manage to keep calm and restraint, so the Abbess realizes that spiritual path – not for the young novices. Mary offered a governess in the family of an army officer, a patriot of the fatherland, whose wife had recently died, leaving seven children. For the male lead in “The Sound of Music” Plummer fell in love with the whole of America, and the picture won the “Oscar”. After that, the creativity of the actor began to follow not only the critics but also the general public. A number of new paintings with his participation ( “money-changers”, “The Thorn Birds”, “American Tragedy,” “A Beautiful Mind”, “Our fathers,” “The Last Station”, “Beginners”) won leading awards.
Actor three times to marry. The first time he was married to actress Tammy Grimes, who gave him a daughter, Amanda (the girl turned into a movie star). The second wife was the celebrity journalist Patricia Lewis, and the third – the British actress and dancer Elaine Taylor. The seventy-four years old Christopher Plummer received an honorary degree of Doctor of Law at the University of Western Ontario.

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