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Name: Chris O’Donnell
Date of Birth: June 27, 1970 (46 years old)
Zodiac: Cancer
Oriental horoscope: Dog
Place of birth: Winnetka, United States
Activities: Actor
Weight: 89 kg
Height: 187 cm
Biography Chris O’Donnell
Childhood and Family Chris O Donnell, the first role
The boy was born into a large Catholic family, where he was the seventh child. More twelve teenager Chris McDonald has appeared in commercials, where he played the young waiter serving Michael Jordan. With thirteen Chris started successfully enough to work in the modeling industry, filming in advertising.
After school, the young man went to Boston College and then the University of California. While studying there, he became interested in theater seriously. But it should be noted that in the movie world, for the most part, Chris opened the way for his good looks, but not outstanding acting skills. He was invited to appear in 1990. It was a picture of “Men do not go”, which can be considered for the debut of Chris.
The first films with Chris O Donnell
In the same year, followed by shooting in “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “school bonds”. A little later, followed by shooting in “Scent of a Woman.” It so happened that from the very beginning of his work in film, Chris was offered the role of a “good guy.” Since the films in which the young actor starred in the early nineties, have been successful, such a role once stuck for about Donnelly. He began offering similar roles.
With Jessica Lange in the early career, he was shot twice. They were pictures of “blue sky” and “Men do not go away.” For Jessica’s role in the “blue sky” earned Oscar, although he realized the project only three years after the shooting.
“Aroma Women” – a picture in which O Donnell was lucky enough to play alongside Al Pacino. Again, it was the role of an exemplary student. It was the fact that he had to lead the blind hero, who played Al Pacino, in New York. Eminent critics welcomed the film, the success of which was simply stunning. The stereotype of the right guy after the shooting in this film was fixed only for the young actor. He noted the prize “Golden Globe”.
In 1993 it was filmed again Donnell. This time it was colorful and bright film “The Three Musketeers”. Chris got the role of D’Artagnan. Under the songs performed by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart Stingomi, actors in colorful costumes riding horses, fighting with swords, performing virtuoso stunts. About Donnell was able to give his character a unique charm, showing him exactly the way he wanted to see Hollywood.
Best movies with Chris O’Donnell
In 1995, the actor starred in two films, playing a secondary role there. It was a comic picture of the “Circle of Friends” and the drama “Mad Love,” where he played Chris lover Drew Barrymore.
I remember the actor and the role of the acrobat who helps Batman fight the evil in the movie “Batman Forever”
Having agreed to star in the movie “Batman and Robin” About Donnell received an invitation to participate in the filming of the movie “Men in Black”. He was offered a supporting role. It turned out that they both had to go shooting at the same time, so the actor had to abandon that proposal. The reason for refusal was the fact that Chris did not want to play the main role.
“Batman and Robin” was a failure. After such a failure is not an actor while filming, making a small break from work to spend time with his family.
In 1999, about Donnell tried his hand and as a producer in the film in which he played, and more – “The Bachelor.” This is a picture of a young man trying for days to get married, you do not lose the right to inheritance. This hero and played Chris.
At the same 1999th began preparations for the shooting of the actor in the thriller “Vertical Limit.” This film was released in rent in 2000.
Chris O’Donnell is currently
The most striking film, which starred O Donnell is “The Mask of Zorro” Campbell. Chris to participate in the filming had nearly five weeks of training, gaining the desired shape.
The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro – a promotional movie trailer with Chris about DonnelomS 2009 the actor starred in the TV series about the marine police.
the actor’s career develops, it can not fail to please the actor and his fans. He acted in films and television series, appearing in one or the other film. As a producer, the actor appeared in more films such as “Survivor” and “The moment of the apocalypse.”
Personal life Chris O’Donnell
About Donnell was recognized as one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world. This list is published “People” magazine in its pages in 1996.
For a long time about O’Donnell met with the sister of his fellow student and friend – Caroline Fentress, who worked as a teacher. On the eve of 1997, he proposed to her. It is interesting that before this young man for several months carried in his pocket the ring, trying to find the right moment. In 1997, Carolina was married to Chris. Already in 1999 they had a first born, it happened during the preparations for filming “Vertical Limit” in New Zealand, where Caroline was with her husband. Now the family has five children.
Chris lives in the “right” man, like the roles played. He and his family continue to live in Chikogo, still spends a lot of time with my old friends. His hobby is playing golf.
Chris says that his eldest daughter watching TV series “NCIS” and considers “cool” the father, but the younger son is watching movies about Batman, so the series is nothing one can say.

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