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Born 18.11.1974, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
American actress, model, fashion designer
Winner of the “Oscar”
The beginning of the way
Chloe Sevigny, full name Chloe Stevens Sevigny was born November 18, 1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts, US, also increased in the state of Connecticut, in the town of Darien, in a family with strict Roman Catholic manner.
American of French origin, Chloe Sevigny, having model looks, began his career in the early 1990s, a model in the fashion magazines “New Yorker” and “Sassy”. Diligence and perseverance character, quickly promoted to Chloe modeling career. In 1993 he became the face of a celebrity glossy magazine “Sassy”.
Film career
Despite the fact that the career Centerfolds promised Chloe Sevigny good prospect, she increasingly turned their eyes towards the cinema. Film career Chloe has started with the title role of a teenage girl Jenny, who found out that she was HIV-infected, in a scandalous picture, because the image of sexuality of adolescents and their drug use – “Kids,” Larry Clark’s director, was published in 1995 under the scenario of a young kinoavtora Harmony Korine. The producers decided that Chloe Sevigny is more suitable for this role, rather than a professional actress Mia Kirshner, which was originally planned for the role of Jenny. The main role in the drama, which tells about the life of “children of the street” Manhattan, “children” of the new world, which will be the face of the new century: Telly, Darcy, Casper, 17-year-old Ruby, 16-year-old Jenny, and their friends and female friends, “children “love, have sex, void of understanding and thoughtful weed smokers and picks up in the end … AIDS, brilliantly played with Sevigny actors: Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Rosario Dawson and Sarah Henderson.
With the release of the movie on the wide screen Chloe Sevigny suddenly became popular actress, she has become an annual talent professionally appear in the paintings of avant-garde cinema. In 1996, she played a small role in the directorial debut of Steve Buscemi, “In vino veritas”, later in 1997 appeared as Dot in the American independent black comedy drama “Gummy”, the directorial debut of screenwriter Harmony Korine, who later became a cult classic. Chloe Sevigny has acted not only as an actress but also as a costume designer. The film was a series of seemingly unconnected stories about hopeless, nihilistic life of the inhabitants of a provincial town Ziniya in Ohio after a devastating tornado, about the problems of drug addiction, mental illness and thoughts of suicide. The picture was equally extraordinary and controversial as Sevigny film debut. At this time, Chloe has appeared on the set, in partnership with Jacob Reynolds, Nick Sutton, Jacob Sewell and Linda Mans.
Careers in Film Chloe Sevigny surprisingly developed rapidly. Directors and producers valued in the young actress not only its enormous artistic potential and talent, but also hard work, tolerance and responsibility. In 1998, Chloe Sevigny starred in the thriller “Palmetto”, where her partner was Woody Harrelson and Elisabeth Shue. Then, all in the same 1998 followed by a starring role in the film “The Last Days of Disco,” directed by Whit Stillman, picture the story in great detail describing the rise and fall of the club culture of Manhattan in the early 1980s.
So, step by step, Chloe Sevigny approached the iconic role of Lana Tisdel, – one of the girlfriends of the protagonist – a young man Brandon Teena, born of a woman, but that felt like a man from a very early age, in the film “Boys Do not Cry”, a drama in 1999 year, is directed by Kimberly Peirce. This time, the actress shone on set surrounded by Hilary Swank and Peter Sarsgaard. The tape, whose plot was based on a true story, only strengthened won kinopozitsii Chloe Sevigny, but brought and wide popularity, and prestigious nomination for “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” as Best Supporting Actress.
In the same 1999 Chloe Sevigny has continued acting in independent films. Actress glorious past of the HR tapes even triple, “Julien Donkey-Boy”, “Map of the World” and “Will & Grace.”
Impressive, elegant, feminine and yet very talented, Chloe Sevigny at the turn of the century continued to surprise their operability filmmakers, turned over once again the attention of viewers roles in “American Psycho” – thriller 2000 director Mary Herron on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis. In the role of a prosperous Patrick Bateman that day did everything to be first: caring for your skin, face, body, and at night obsessive passion for perfection was transformed into a passion for violence, he starred Christian Bale, Chloë Sevigny brilliantly played the role of Jean, Justin Theroux – Timothy Price.
And in the same year 2000, the actress has fulfilled the role of a charming sequel to the Emmy in the “If These Walls Could Talk 2” steel .Obayatelnymi characters Chloe Sevigny in “The Demon – Lover” in 2002 and in a duet with Jarmusch in an episode of the novel “Home Interior Night.. “first film” ten minutes older: The Trumpet, “which novels were combined jazz improvisations on the tube. All the films in this series consisted of shorts outstanding contemporary directors, united around a common core theme of “Time”. These works were taken 15 famous directors, each of which has been allocated exactly 10 minutes of screen time.
In 2003, Chloe Sevigny has continued to conquer the audience in the frame at a glance – a slender, graceful, with a crazy charisma. Kinogeroya Chloe this year are: serious Gaytsi in the film “Party Monster Other movies №69.”, Liz Henson – resident Dogville – American town with a population of 15 adults and 7 children, lost somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The town led the way, climbing up the hill, and then, in addition to the mountains, there is nothing. The film “Dogville” – it was a part of the trilogy “USA – Land of Opportunity”, created by director Lars von Trier in 2003, which together with Chloe Sevigny played famous actors: Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany and Stellan Skarsgård, has become unusual in that it is almost no decoration; border houses and rooms were only partially marked on the floor of the studio set.
Then there was the prominent role of Chloe in the same 2003 in the film “Death of a dynasty” and the main image in the film “The Brown Bunny”. Last, the second film by Vincent Gallo, in which he acted as a director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, producer, editor and performer starring in a charming duet with Chloe Sevigny, who played the role of a girl Bud Clay.
Out of yielding to the role in 2003 for the appearance of the actress in the film “Shattered Glas”. Story tapes narrated how in the mid-1990s, a young and talented journalist Stephen Glass became the star of “New Republic”, the most popular and influential political weekly in the United States. His exciting articles on the sensational and topical issues were discussed in the very top, he was Lightspark and charming, and no one suspected that the boy’s spontaneity Steven actually had a protective wall for a liar and a cheater who simply invented stories of his articles, constantly afraid of being exposed. The main roles in this action-packed drama directed by Billy Ray adopted Chloe Sevigny in the actor’s team: Steve Zahn, Peter Sarsgaard, Hayden Christensen, Melanie Lynskey.
Sevigny’s career confident steps rising to the top kinoolimpa. Actress year starred in the films of famous directors. In 2004, he Woody Allen invited Chloe Sevigny at the Actor with the actors: Aridzha Bareikis, Andy Borowitz, Josh Brolin, Jonny Lee Miller, Radha Mitchell, in a melodramatic comedy “Melinda and Melinda”, in a dramatic story version in which the viewer has seen Melinda experiences after a hard divorce; and in a comedic version of events observed in the sleeping area, where Melinda has contributed turmoil during his neighbor’s party attempted suicide.
The following years were also fruitful in the filmography of actress. In 2005 alone Chloe Sevigny appeared on the set in four reel of film “Three Needles”, “Broken Flowers,” “Mrs. Harris,” “Manderlay”. And later in 2006 – three, “The Sisters,” “The location”, “Big Love.” Not less successful beginning for the actress and the year 2007. Chloe Sevigny starred in the dramatic thriller “Zodiac,” directed by David Fincher Jake Gillenhollom, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. in the lead roles, ribbons story was based on real events and said the investigation history of the case of a serial killer named “Zodiac”, done at San Francisco 37 murders in 12 years.
Having won the appreciation and demand in kinokrugah, Chloe Sevigny was not going to stop there. And filmmakers with producers have made no little effort to get the darling and one of the most promising actresses in tinsel town to his film project. In 2009, Chloe has played a role in three projects: “Rancho divorce”, “Death Room”, “Catherine and Peter.”
Chloe Sevigny was a bit interesting roles in the theater, she brilliantly noticeably worked in the movie “Gamma Ray” “Beck” group.
Since 2006, Chloe Sevigny began to produce his own line of vintage clothing “little punk, a little rock – so the newly-born designer described her collection – Style casual girl late eighties – early nineties, I never liked things a claim, I am for simple forms and against.. excesses. ” Fabrics Sevigny began to buy from “Liberty of London”, floral designs that are suitable for air skirts and blouses. However, the collection was a place and a monochrome things like smooth suit and little black dress: “I know of than chasing the shops and flea markets usual New York girl herself it ruined a lot of time Yesterday Lily girlfriend wearing plaid shorts from my collection.. – I love cell – and went to the Beatrice Inn hotel, so the three girls asked her where she got them and I thought -. and after a good start! ”
Personal life
Life Chloe Sevigny is not particularly publicized, as it did not want her fans, and did not aspire to the paparazzi. Over the past ten years, Chloe Sevigny was one of the most famous young actresses in Hollywood, she has managed to get the coveted “Oscar”, and proved to be a girl with impeccable sense of style.
Interesting Facts
In the early 1990s, Chloe Sevigny successfully worked as model in the magazines “New Yorker” and “Sassy”.
Every thing that puts Chloe Sevigny, destined to become a fashion hit.

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