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Sour-sweet fruit cherries are probably familiar to all from childhood. Did you know, by which diseases can be eliminated by eating cherries?
Cherry – the name of the fruit and the tree from the family of pink, plum belongs to the genus. The most ancient kind of cherry considered species under the name “Cherry Bird”, which is better known as a cherry. Fruits of cherry have been familiar to the people who inhabited the present territory of Asia Minor, Switzerland and Denmark has 8000 years BC! In the manuscripts of Herodotus (5th century BC. E.) There is mention of the cherry trees, insulated for winter portage. The first cherries were brought to Rome from Asia Minor 74 BC commander Lucullus. The Latin name of the cherry – Cerasus, is derived from the name of the city Kerasunt where the Romans first saw the cherry trees.
Fruit cherry common in Asia, Europe and the United States on the North. The greatest amount of cherries are grown for export to Turkey and Iran.
The fruits of cherries – round or oval, with a shiny skin, dark red color with a sweet-sour taste and bone inside, from 0.5 to 1.5 cm in diameter. There are more than 600 kinds of cherries, of which about 200 – with edible fruits. The most popular type of cherry in Ukraine and Russia – sour cherry (or cherry tart).
Fruits consumed fresh cherries. From cherries make a delicious cherry juice, cook compotes, jams and marmalades, cooked fruit wine and liquors. Very tasty cherry fruit drinks and cordials. Fresh and canned cherries used in the manufacture of confectionery products – as an ingredient and for decoration of cakes and pastries. Fresh cherry tree leaves is sometimes added to the marinade in the preservation of vegetables.
100g of cherries contains on average about 52 kcal.
Useful properties of cherries
Cherry – not only very tasty but also healthy. In the pulp of cherries are many substances that have antibacterial properties. The coloring pigment – anthocyanin, located evenly throughout the cherry fruit, so perfectly absorbed by the body. The fruits of cherries contain coumarin, which reduces blood clotting, so cherries can be eaten for the prevention of complications of arterial atherosclerosis.
Due to the high content of iron and magnesium cherry, as well as vitamins C, B6 and B1, it is useful for the prevention and treatment of anemia. Regular addition of cherries in the diet helps to strengthen capillaries, reduce high blood pressure, if necessary.
Doctors recommend eating cherries for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system – it will reduce the frequency and risk of heart attacks. For this feature cherry even got popularly known as “berry heart.” In folk medicine, cherry juice is used for arthritis, lack of appetite, as a mild laxative and expectorant. Eating fresh cherries are advised for the prevention of gout.
Not long ago, physicians have found the presence of ellagic acid in the cherries, which is used for the treatment of cancer. This substance inhibits the growth of cancer cells, so the use of cherry wood berries is the prevention of cancer.
Folk healers used not only fruit, but also other parts of the cherry tree. Broth cherry stalks – effective diuretic, and this drink helps to reduce heavy and prolonged bleeding during menstruation. A decoction of the bark of a cherry helps to alleviate the condition of the neuroses, sciatica, cramps. cherry leaves are used in some drug charges.
Excessive consumption of cherries contraindicated in increased acidity of gastric juice, gastric ulcer, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, and weak intestines.

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