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Name: Charlie Chaplin
Date of Birth: April 16, 1889
Zodiac: Aries
Place of birth: London, UK
Date of Death: December 25, 1977 (88 years old)
Activities: Actor, writer, director
Biography of Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin – is, without exaggeration, one of the best comedians in the history of world cinema. According to some leading lights of American cinema, it is the “tramp Charlie” has made the greatest contribution to the development of cinema as a form of art. That is why write about that person at the same time difficult and very interesting. After all, our today’s article is devoted to one of the best actors in the history of world cinema, certainly, will not be ignored.
The early years, childhood and the family of Charlie Chaplin
Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, English April 16, 1889. His parents were prominent representatives of the world of English art. The father and mother were great comedian variety art actors. They performed with musical and dance numbers in a variety of theaters, as well as participated in the entreprise.
the actor’s family lived comfortably, but the music and the performing arts have always been members of the family Chaplin something immeasurably greater than simply a means to make money. My parents always instilled Charlie and his half brother Sidney love for creativity. And so then the two brothers became successful actors.
The first to go on stage to our current hero happened in the age of five. When his mother began to voice problems, for some time he replaced her during performances. Already during his first speech as Charlie Chaplin won the audience, the audience began to throw on stage coin and banknotes.
The very same boy child touching collected them already during the actual performances, what more liked by the audience. Subsequently, our today’s hero has repeatedly appeared on the scene. However, some time later, the life of their family has changed dramatically.
Mom because of problems with the larynx completely lost her voice, and therefore could no longer speak. And his father before that started to drink heavily and have died in a London hospital in thirty-seven years.
Hannah Chaplin such shocks are not experienced, but because at some point lost my mind and came to a psychiatric hospital. Children who have been orphaned in fact, ended up in the workhouse (a special social institution for the needy), where they were forced to earn their keep.
“Eight Lancashire guys” Since winter 1898, the year our today’s hero began to perform with the dance team. The guys played pantomimes and appeared before the audience with a few concerts. As part of the joint submission Charlie often played his short comic numbers than the highly liked by the audience.
In parallel with the work in the dance troupe Charlie Chaplin worked as a physician’s assistant, the seller of newspapers and printing assistant. However, none of the jobs he did not stay long.
In 1903, fourteen Chaplin first got a regular role in the play “Sherlock Holmes.” After that, a few years, our today’s hero is also performed in a variety show, and in 1908 became an actor Fred Karno troupe.
Together with the team of the actor traveled all over England, and often performed in the United States. In the New World actor noticed us “Keystone” producers, who soon offered him a permanent salary. The actor agreed. From this moment for Charlie Chaplin’s new life began.
The popularity of Charlie Chaplin filmography
First career in film was formed not very successful, but over time, films with Chaplin began to bring the studio a steady income. Charlie has become quite popular among Americans, but then all the same old left the studio due to creative differences with management.
The teens of the twentieth century, Charlie began to work independently, while performing the role of an actor, director and screenwriter. For some time he played in the movie image brash womanizer (which is allowed to its bright appearance), but over time has created a completely different type screen – an image that is taken today to call “little tramp”.
Omitting the details, let’s say that this character is now associated with Charlie Chaplin himself. He has appeared in many films and master brought him fame as a national idol. In 1917, our today’s hero was in one of his films a fee of one million dollars, which in those days was simply unthinkable sum.
Having fulfilled roles in many films, Charlie Chaplin became a true legend of cinema. His track record was a huge number of different awards, as well as two “honorary” Oscar. In 1975, our today’s hero was knighted by British Queen Elizabeth II.
The last years of the life of Charlie Chaplin
However, the popularity of the actor had a downside. Over the years, it was called an accomplice of the communist criminals. For this reason, many of the films were removed from the rental. And the Chaplin repeatedly subjected to large-scale criticism.
Big problems actor also brought the film “The Great Dictator”, in which Chaplin played Hitler. an actor pressure eased after the German attack on Poland, but many supporters of the fascist party often sent letters to the actor threatening.
Charlie Chaplin had 12 children from different women
In the last ten years of life, our today’s hero is not filmed. In his old age he settled in the Swiss town of Vevey, where he subsequently died peacefully in 1977. The city, which has become the last refuge of the comic, his statue is erected.
Life of Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin’s relationship with women could easily be material for another fully fledged articles. Over the years, the actor was in a romantic relationship with many women. Dancer Hetty Kelly, actress Mildred Harris, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard – is only a fraction of his mistresses, who were in the life of the great comedian.
Officially, Charlie was married four times. Chaplin had twelve children by different women. Subsequently, some of them tried their forces in the field of cinema. However, the success achieved only Geraldine Chaplin.

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