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Date of Birth: July 23
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Favorite color: yellow
Film: Wings of the Dove
Music: “Sympathy for the Devil” The Rolling Stones
Book: “Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks
Sports: Climbing
Favorite food: anything from Mexican cuisine

Charisma Carpenter was born in Las Vegas. Within three days after that momentous event parents could not decide on a name for her daughter. And then the grandmother brought into the house Charisma bottle of perfume from Avon. Although my mother decided that the spirits are terrible, their name she liked. “So it happened my curse” – laughing Charisma.
When she was 15 years old, the family moved first to Mexico and then to San Diego, where she graduated from the School of Arts Charisma. Could pretty American wholly escape the fate of all her peers and not to become a member of the beauty contest? Of course not. Pretty girls were a lot, and charisma among them – only one … Naturally, she became “Miss”. But the beauty has never been its main advantage. Before storming Hollywood, she definitely wanted to get an education. And in order to earn money for college, become a waitress. Here it sought an advertising agent, and her career “Charisma” was launched. She has appeared in more than twenty television commercials. Television has become a logical continuation of a career.
Once Charisma agent suggested she audition – for the new shows looking for a beautiful girl for the role of bitchy queen of the school. She got the role. Now Charisma lives in Los Angeles. In his free time shooting is engaged in rock-climbing, hiking, diving, horse riding and preparing Mexican dishes.
He stole his father’s car
“For me that is the name?” – Frequently asked my mother a little charisma. Note to all lovers of exotic names: Take the kids!
Do not call them in honor of favorite perfume lines, as did my mother Charisma.
The girl hated her name. To dodge the endless teasing, she just called herself Chrissy. “When I imagine people think that charisma -. It is what I have called an alias so pretentious, wanting to attract attention took me thirteen years to put up with my name.”. Maybe that’s why she, in her own words, “not for a moment does not get out of trouble.” The apotheosis of a career “difficult child” was … stealing his father’s car.
Despite the terrible marks in school, she was always the leader of the group support the local team and convinced activist. And even rashly went to study at pedagogical courses. Charisma moonlighting as a waitress and saleswoman, in which a notch and was his first agent. “I was a terrible waitress, but unlike the other girls did not want to become an actress.” Who would ask her! Do not want to be an actress – not born beautiful. After the first infomercial Charisma, so as not to tempt fate, enrolled in drama courses, from through advertising deodorant and good hands, “Baywatch” hit the TV series “Malibu Shores” Aaron Spelling. Besides the priceless experience this epic skopytitsya quickly gave her best friend Susan Ward (Meg in “Sunset Beach”). By the way, there was late for half an hour, Cha-America rushed through the floor on the sample to “Buffy.” As an apology for being late girl timidly presented a high commission … a large pizza. Now it’s your favorite joke all the crew – “if you want the role – feed a commission!”
Many take stealth Charisma for arrogance, but inside it – a real angel. “General, we Cordelia – only a passion for clothes, but her wardrobe is much richer than mine”, – she says. Despite the success of his bitchy heroine, she did not want to play vredina again: “You would have liked this idea:” … and Charisma Carpenter as a thorn in Buffy’s ass. “And me and explained my problem.” It’s a shame, given that the original Charisma auditioned for the role of Buffy itself. But even though she left the series after the third season, to get rid of Cordelia was not so simple. This character is migrated together with the charisma of a subsidiary in the epic “Angel”, dedicated to the life and work of Baffin – saber-toothed lover (it was released in the US two years ago). In his spare time, she is actively involved in sports, giving special preference to climbing and horseback riding. And … he writes poetry romantic content.

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