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Camila Mendez: Biography
To act in films is a dream of many. But few seriously decide to devote themselves to acting craft, graduating from higher education institutions, storming the thresholds of studios and casting agencies. Few people want to start with the episodes, or worse, with technical posts at studios. But the cinema is not at all the closed world of the elect, and it’s quite possible to get into it, having in due measure perseverance and luck.

So the young actress Camila Mendez, apparently, decided to follow the principle of Festinalente. Although, judging by the number of links with her name, issued by search engines, it can not be called a little-known.

Childhood and youth
Camila Mendez was born on June 29, 1994 in the small town of Charlottesville, Virginia (USA), which thundered to the whole world in spring 2017 thanks to clashes between defenders and opponents of the demolition of the monument to Robert Lee, the commander-in-chief of the Confederation army, and the ensuing riots with human casualties, entering state of emergency. At birth, received the name Carraro Camila Mendez.

Camila is a child of divorced parents. Her parents were born and raised in Brazil, she herself also lived there for a year, although she was born in Virginia, and now speaks English with her father and Portuguese with her mother. The family moved from place to place 16 times. As the girl said in an interview, they first moved when her father received a promotion.

Subsequent throwings in the South were caused by the fact that after the divorce, the mother could not decide where she wanted to live, and Camila and her sister Vivian fell into the maelstrom of her life. Now Mendez argues that such a nomadic lifestyle in childhood helps to quickly adapt, since you have to travel a lot.

Future actress studied in a private school. Possessed rebellious character – what are two fake identity cards. After moving to South Florida, the mother enrolled a girl in an art school. The sister wrote the plays, and Kamila played them. Then came the desire to try in the future acting path. As she got older, Mendez discussed this decision with her father and received support. As the actress later said repeatedly, the family always supported her, giving her freedom in building a career.

To continue her education, Camila went to New York, choosing the Tisch School of Art at the local university, where in 2016 she received a bachelor’s degree, and her talent was noticed by directors. Early success, like many young stars, is based on luck and acumen. Having proven herself during the summer internship at the Carson Kolker Talent Agency, Mendez got an agent for her second year of college.

The first experience on the camera Mendez, acting in advertising for IKEA. And the first serious was listening to the role of the daughter of Jennifer Lopez in the series “Shades of blue”.

There is a comedy “Late Night with Seth Myers” in the filmography of Mendez with Eva Longoria, Christian Slater, Whoopi Goldberg, recognized in 2014 as one of the best films where the actress played herself. In addition, the girl participated in the television comedy “Night Show with Jimmy Fallon”, the show Geek Rock TV.

But when it came to Riverdale, Camilla felt different. Just a month before the audition for the role of Veronika, the girl finished her studies. Balancing between casting and getting a degree was difficult, but it was worth it – Mendez got the lead role. Having starred in the TV series “Riverdale”, even if designed for a teenage audience, Camila Mendez can be safely called the rising star of the movie.

Personal life
Camila Mendez – a very young actress, but her personal life is closely watched by fans, including through the active work of the girl on the Internet.

In 2013, Mendes had an affair with a professional photographer and director Ian Wallace. However, in the summer of 2017 posts with ardent admissions were removed from Instagram.

After the release of the “Riverdale” screens, the performers of the roles of Veronica and Archie – Camila Mendez and KJAp – felt what the influence of these social networks meant. As soon as Kay Jay published a photo with Camila and a comic signature on his Twitter page, the fans immediately concluded that the couple was dating. At the same time, there are those who argue that young people are not together.

Similarly, fans are interested in the question of what attitude to the actress has a young Canadian singer Sean Mendez. It is known that only their last names match. Sean meets with Camila, but on the other – Cabello, and as follows from the latest news, Hayley Baldwin, the daughter of Hollywood star Stephen Baldwin, came into his view.

Comments by Mendez about her personal life are not to be found. On its pages in social networks posted photos and videos from filming, relaxing, meeting with friends. Fans say that Camilla and Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin are very similar, as they say, almost the same person.

In response to the question of which films she likes, the girl calls “Silicon Valley”, “Big Little Lie”, “Closeness”. The actress loves singing in karaoke, her favorite song is “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alisha Keese. Camila has a Persian cat named Carrie.

Camila Mendez is now
Now the actress is participating in the promotions of the second season of the series “Riverdale”, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2017. Also participates in the video for the portal Funnyor Die. In 2016, she acted in a photo shoot organized by The Coveteur online publication.

Together with the brand, Represent developed a design for T-shirts and sweatshirts, which were sold on the Internet and online stores. And the money went to the charity organization King Campaign.

Recently, the network has information about the new project of the actress – “New Romance”. Camille will play the role of the heroine named Morgan. The cast included Jessica Barden, Timm Sharp, Hayley Lowe, Brett Gyor, Evan Jogia.

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