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Bryce Dallas Howard: a biography
Bryce Dallas Howard is an American actress, known to the general public for her roles in the films Girl from the Water, The Servant, Twilight. Saga. Eclipse “,” Jurassic World “and others. Nominee for Golden Globe Awards, Saturn. In 2012, she won the Actors Guild Award.

Childhood and youth
Bryce was born in Los Angeles on March 2, 1981. Probably, the girl initially had no chance to become anyone other than the actress. After all, she was born in an incredibly creative family. Her father, Ron Howard – the greatest film director, screenwriter and actor, two-time winner of the Oscar.

The most important in his career were the paintings “Appolon-13”, “Mind Games”, “The Da Vinci Code”. Her mother – the writer Cheryl Ellie. Her grandmother and grandfather are also stars of considerable magnitude – Gene Spigl and Rance Howard.

Bryce’s parents were the first child, so they had no choice but to take her all the time to the set. Her younger twin sisters Jocelyn and Paige and Reed’s brother, taught by bitter experience, tried to educate them differently, not allowing them to show business.

So back in school, Bryce decided to become an actress. In grade 9, she played Adelaide in the musical “Guys and Dolls”. She studied under the name of Bryce Dallas, so that she was not associated with the famous father.

In 1999, she graduated from the New York High School, and in parallel attended a specialized art camp with her friend Natalie Portman. In 2003, Howard graduated from the Tisch School of Art in New York. After studying dramatic art in the studio of Stella Adler and the Chicago theater “Steppenwolf”. And since 2000, the young actress has been actively involved in Broadway productions.

Her first film roles were episodic, she appeared in several films of her father. Her name was not even indicated in the credits, but in this way she comprehended the basics of acting in practice. In 2004 she starred in Alan Brown’s Anatomy of Passion. Bryce played a schoolgirl in love with her teacher. Interestingly, at that time she was already 23 years old, but she really looked like a tenth grader.

Once the director M. Night Shyamalan saw Howard on Broadway and immediately invited her to the picture “Mysterious Forest”. He approved the actress for the role of blind and courageous girl Ivy, even without preliminary casting. Her partners on the set were Adrien Brody, Joaquin Phoenix, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt. For this role, the actress won the MTV channel award and was recognized as the breakthrough of the year.

In 2006, Shyamalan again decided to work with a talented actress. Bryce starred in his new film “The Girl out of the Water.” True, film critics took it with a chill. He was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry anti-prize.

In the same year, the film “How You Like It,” with Bryce Howard. The picture was filmed based on the play of Shakespeare. For the role of Rosalinda, the actress was nominated for a Golden Globe.

In 2007, Bryce entered the cast of the third part of the film about Spider-Man. She played Gwen Stacy – Peter Parker’s new girlfriend. The actress even had to dye her hair blonde.

In 2010, Bryce Dallas Howard appeared in the final part of the Twilight saga. She played Victoria – the female vampire, located on the “dark” side. It is noteworthy that in the first films this heroine was played by a completely different actress – Rachelle Lefevre.

The inexperienced spectator did not notice the substitution at all, but those who realized that the actress had been replaced were pleasantly surprised. Red-haired Bryce perfectly fit into the image of a vampire.

In 2011, Howard played the role of Hilly Holbrook in the film “The Servant”, based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Stoquette. She got a negative heroine – a spoiled and bitchy social activist.

Mostly the film received positive reviews from critics and viewers. He was nominated for several prestigious awards at once – Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

In the film “Life is Beautiful” she again fell negative role. Her heroine Rachel – the girl of the main character, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And although this supporting role, Rachel the viewer remembered. The actress performs an infantile and selfish beauty, who does not understand how disgusting she is with a loved one.

A new wave in the popularity of Howard was the picture “Jurassic World”. She got the main role – the manager of the park with Claire dinosaurs. It was she and the hero Chris Pratt who “had the good fortune” to save the world from the monsters who broke free. By the way, the plot of the film takes place 22 years after the events of the 1993 Jurassic Park.

In 2016, the family adventure film “Pete and his Dragon” was released. Heroine Bryce is a grace forest keeper. Once, bypassing possession, she came across a boy. He said that he had been living in the forest for six years, and all this time the dragon Elliot had been taking care of him. The woman decides to unravel the story of young Pete, to learn the truth about his family and the mysterious dragon, about which there are so many rumors and legends.

Surprise for fans of the actress was her appearance in the TV series “Black Mirror”. The uniqueness of this series is that all its series are not related to each other. Each tells about the near future and how modern technology can affect it.

Also, Bryce Dallas has no less talent coped with the role of the wife of an adventurer played by Matthew McConaughey in the crime drama “Gold.” Bryce Dallas Howard is different everywhere, she does not become a hostage to his images. Each role she manages to live, that is why her game is so natural and so interesting to the viewer.

Personal life
In 2001, Bryce began to meet with novice actor Seth Gable, he starred in The Da Vinci Code, the Salem series and The Edge. In 2006, the couple legalized their relationship.

In February 2007, the couple had their first child – Theodore Norman Howard Gable. After a time on the air show “The Talk”, the actress admitted that after the birth of her son she plunged into the hardest postpartum depression, which lasted as much as 18 months.

In 2012, a woman gave birth to a daughter, who was named Beatrice Jean Howard Gable. After giving birth, the actress recovered to unrecognizable dimensions. She gained 35 kg, it took her more than a year to bring herself into a “star” form.

She actively leads “Instagram”, where she regularly uploads not only photos from the filming of her new projects, but also shots of family life.

Bryce dallas howard now
In the summer of 2017 it became known that the actress plans to shoot a full-length film. There are already several directorial works in her piggy bank, however, so far these are short films and music videos. But this time she decided to film Matthew Kwick’s novel “Like a Rock Star”.

The film currently has no distributor. Neither the cast nor the date of the premiere is known. But it still does not say anything. After all, her father, Ron Howard, also began his career as an actor, and only in 1977 did he “open up” as a director.

While Bryce Dallas Howard is not going to throw a movie. She took part in the filming of the continuation of the story about the dinosaur reserve. In 2018, the second part of the “Jurassic Park” is published.

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