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Britney Spears has become a star even in adolescence and won worldwide fame and popularity of the hit “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! … I Did It Again”. She was an idol to thousands of young girls who wanted to be like her. The singer has long been a trendsetter of American popular music.

The future star of pop music was born December 2, 1981 in the city of McComb. Airen’s mother Lynne Bridges taught children younger classes and was a trainer on aerobics, and his father Jaime Parnell served as engineer-architect and worked as a cook. However, both parents fully supported her daughter’s enthusiasm and tried to develop her talents. Mother worked with Britney for sports, in particular, rhythmic gymnastics, in which a very young performer has succeeded: it is often invited to the regional competition. Also, a girl from an early age began to sing, and my parents sent her to the choir, who helped develop the vocal Spears.

Girl dreaming about a career singer and one day while watching your favorite cartoon on TV heard about the set in the popular children’s TV show “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Britney persuaded the parents to take her to a casting, which brilliantly passed. But the producers of the program is very confused young age of the participants, she was only eight years old. Nevertheless, they ventured to take her to the show and sent to school in New York. Since preparations began for the young star for the ascent to Olympus Music Hall of Fame.

In fact, she went to school for future stars. The focus of the sessions was on acting skills, preparing the stage, dancing and movement. Britney taught to behave on stage and the audience, a few times she even played in the theater. In 13 years, Spears took part in the first professional singing competition “Star Search”, which gave young artists a chance to break into show business. But then it was expecting failure, since it was unable to pass on the second round and was forced to accept defeat.

When she was 14 years, producers have found that it is old enough and independent, to become a member of their shows. There Spears met with many talented young people, whose names have become well-known in the music world. Here Britney first met with Christina Aguilera, which in the future will take a long time its rival.

A year later, the program was closed, and Spears was forced to return to his hometown. She went to a regular school, but his dream was not going to leave. She recorded a few songs by Whitney Houston in his performance on the tape, which the mother gave the lawyer Larry Rudolph, who had a lot of celebrity friends. Producers “Jive Records”, had previously worked with the graduates’ Mikiya Mouse Club “, we decided to give it a chance and to pursue a career artist.

In 2001, the singer’s life came a black stripe. At first her beloved grandmother died, and Britney’s parents soon decided to divorce. Both events are a serious blow to the morale of the pop star, and for a while she left the music to cope with the bulk on her problems. In particular, she had to close his restaurant, which she founded in 2002, due to problems with money.

Even more difficult for Spears turned out in 2007, when her favorite aunt died of cancer. The singer was so depressed that even the hair cut on the bald.

Britney Spears: Music

In 1998, Spears signed her first and most successful contract with “Jive Records”, which sent the girl to a recording studio in Stockholm. There’s a young star took up producer Mack Martin, engaged in promotion of the well-known boyzbendov “Backstreet Boys” and “N’Sync”. He suggested that the actress song “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, and from the very first seconds of Britney realized that the composition is simply obliged to become a hit.

The album “… Baby One More Time” was published in January 1999 and became an instant hit. Critics variously spoke about the album, but among ordinary listeners creativity Britney has been a resounding success. She was young, attractive and innocence only added a special charm to the compositions that are played on the radio all day. It has become the idol of millions around the world who dreamed of the possibility to come to her concerts. Until now, most of the critics are of the opinion that this album is the most successful in the career of pop singer.

After the cities of America tour in support of their debut album Britney launched a second album titled “Oops! … I Did It Again”, which went on sale in May 2000. Critics have become more unambiguous and positive. The same name song “Oops! … I Did It Again” has conquered all the world charts. Album statements very Spears was more adult and mature, which is largely displayed on the lyrics, more daring and incendiary. more than a million copies of the disc were sold in the first week, which for many years was an absolute record for America.

The popularity of the performer grew exponentially. One after another, she followed the proposals of companies and corporations, who want to see a talented artist of his face advertising company. In 2001, Britney signed a contract with a known concern “Pepsi” and took part in the shooting of commercials that only contributed to the growth of its popularity. In the same year she released her third album titled “Britney” in connection with a number of severe events in her life took a leave of absence for six months.

However, the music of Britney returned only two years later with the album “In the Zone”, which brought her the first prize “Grammy” for the hit “Toxic”. The disc was a commercial success, but some critics have already started talking that the pop singer is losing ground. Next record “Blackout” was completely failed.

Return to the singer’s popularity has helped the album “Femme Fatale”, which did not manage to go on sale as appeared on the Internet. The album was very successful and brought back the trust of fans and critics, who called the record of one of the most successful works of the pop star.

Britney Spears’s personal life

Britney from an early age became a public person, and her relationships were closely monitored. She met with singer Justin Timberlake, which broke up shortly after the end of the second world tour. Their relationship lasted for about four years.

In 2004, Spears married Jason Alexander, a marriage which has not existed for two days. The singer said she was just curious to feel like a married woman, the more that Las Vegas atmosphere is very disposed to such insane actions.

In the same year, Britney married really for Kevin Faderlayna. The marriage produced two sons. After the birth of the second heir to the singer filed for divorce, which brought her a lot of trouble. Kevin was able to sue the ex-wife custody of the children on the basis of suspicion of drug use. The trial lasted several years, during which time the children had lived with his father, and Britney had no right to even see them. In 2008, the court gave custody of Sean and Jade father of the singer.

Some time Spears met with her agent Jason Trawick, they even got engaged in 2011, but broke up two years later.

From 2013 to 2014 the pop star met with lawyer David Lucado. Rumors about his parting with him, she confirmed via social networks and at the same time announced its relationship with producer Charlie Ebersol.

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