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Bob Balaban

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Seller, that’s what was supposed to be the boy, who was born 16 August 1945 year, the United States of America, in Chicago. Father Bob Balaban, did exactly that. Uncle Bob, was a constant lover of the arts, because he was the founder of a network of excellent theatres across America, in the twenties of the last century have done a Titanic work, so his business flourished.
This uncle eventually became President of one of the most famous film companies in the world – paramount. His duty he fulfilled with honor for thirty years. His career was enviable, a tasty morsel for many people.
Bob Balaban, as a small boy, soaked with love of the stage and to the game. A simple childhood hobby grew into a lifelong dream. True, he never refused a good education, on the contrary, considered it his duty to be qualitatively educated man. Balaban entered the renowned new York University, from which he graduated favorite student of the teachers, a good friend to students and a wonderful professional to work .
His first role Bob was in 1969, the year in the movie “Midnight cowboy.” True to this, the actor had to take part in the performance organized by on Broadway, receiving thanks to her invaluable experience in working with a large team and complex scenario.
Later, Balaban was seen not in one job, during the seventies of the last century, it earned not only a huge capital, but that much more important love and acceptance of people. It is through this love, he was awarded one of the most prestigious film awards. This beautiful and romantic guy, won the hearts of millions of tele-viewers and fans of film and theatre. Another area of work of the actor, became a TV series, because this type of film gathered around a large audience. Love Balaban soaked as television critics and reputable film companies and filmmakers.
1990 gave the actor a role in the film, filmed on real events, which told about a man with unlimited power and possibilities. Next was an insanely popular TV series “Friends”, where the actor was offered the role of a father of one of the main characters, a bit odd and thus charming Phoebe.
It is true that a talented person is talented in everything, and this proves the Bob Balaban. A fine actor, he embodies a lot of projects, not related to cinema. The biggest achievement, besides playing on the screen, he began own pictures which deserve not only delighted exclamations, but also prestigious awards.
But the main asset of an actor is his hard work, because not every sixty-year old man can boast of such resistant attitudes and such grandiose plans for the near and not so future. Balaban never tires of talking about what each of us has the opportunity to rise as high as it is, just need to learn to draw strength from within.

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