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BMW 5-Series (G30)

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October 13 Bavarian brand has published official photos and specifications of the BMW 5 2017. In addition to the modular platform, the new BMW 5 has received a completely new options previously unavailable to the model
Already in May 2017 based on the BMW model year has LED-lights, iDrive multimedia control function gestures and automatic parking system at a distance. In addition, the new BMW 5 received a five-link rear suspension, modified double wishbones and a so-called SYNTAK technology (Synergie- Thermoakustik-Kapsel), which protects the interior from engine noise and gearbox, as well as reducing consumption. Its essence is that the transmission and engine have insulation capsule, made of lightweight noise-canceling materials.
For the new 5-Series provides a system suppression banks, as in the flagship sedan 7-series. Remarkably, for the stabilization of the suspension is not responsible hydraulics and rotary electric motors.
Five new BMW built on a modular platform, through which it was possible to significantly reduce the car’s weight – 100 kg. This also contributed to steel, magnesium, aluminum and widely used.
In size BMW in May 2017 over its predecessor in all respects – it is 36 mm long, 6 mm wider and 2mm above. Wheelbase BMW 5-Series G30 increased by 7 millimeters. And yet, according to the Bavarians, they have achieved best-in-segment drag coefficient – 0.22 (10% better than the BMW 5 last generation).
At the beginning of sales of the new BMW will be offered with four engines of the new modular line, in which each cylinder is added on to the working volume of half a liter. BMW engines in May 2017:
BMW 530i – the petrol engine capacity of 2 liters capacity of 252 hp
BMW 540i – the petrol engine capacity of 3 liters capacity of 340 hp
BMW 520d – diesel engine capacity of 190 hp
BMW 530d – diesel 265 hp
Transmission – 8-speed automatic. Provided and mechanics, but only for the BMW 520d. This diesel version with manual transmission accelerates to 100 km per hour in 7.7 seconds. Fastest BMW 5 – 540i with four-wheel drive that can gain a hundred in 4.8 seconds. By the way, xDrive all-wheel drive is available for all versions, which can be complemented with polnoupravlyaemym car chassis and active steering.
Multimedia Complex of the new BMW five series has migrated to the seven flagship. She understands as sound commands and gestures. Plus – new projection screen, which is almost half better than the previous generation. Among the amenities, of course, there are some “goodies” as climate control with air ionization and aromatization, for wireless charging gadgets and so on.
The surcharge is available Hi-End audio system Bowers & Wilkins, seats with massage and “intelligent” cruise control that can not only keep your distance on the road, but also “drag” in traffic, automatically braking and accelerating the vehicle in accordance with the traffic situation and road signs.
The modern systems are also worth mentioning the automatic lane change and remote car-parking. The latter allows you to park the car outside the vehicle and watching the process from your smartphone.
According to BMW, the five new 2017 is also able to take into account the schedule of meetings of the owner. In this case, it monitors road conditions and congestion, encouraging the driver to the most suitable time for going to arrive at their destination on time.
Start of sales of the BMW 5 2017 – February 11, 2017, and in the spring will be a hybrid BMW 5 last generation. Around the same time the Germans were going to release the M550i with a 462-horsepower engine. The modified V8 biturbo allows all-wheel drive sedan BMW accelerate to hundreds of exactly 4 seconds. That is, it is faster than the BMW M5 2016. This is despite the fact that 100 Emka powerful forces! Prices of the new BMW 5 Series yet unknown.

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