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Russian black terrier – breed, bred in the middle of the XX century as a result of cross-breeding complex of more than 10 kinds of dogs. The main purpose of the breed – perform guard functions. But today, this big beautiful dog with aristocratic appearance of the plant and in the apartments, and country houses.
History of breed
The place of breeding Black Russian Terrier kennel was the Soviet “Red Star”. In the 50’s. Twentieth century, here entered the state order for the breed, which must be suitable for the service in different regions of the country, in spite of the climatic conditions of the terrain. In this connection, the dog should have a thick coat of medium length to protect it from frost, wide legs that provide stability in snow, limbs long enough for rapid movement.
In addition, representatives of the new breed had to possess such qualities as physical strength, powerful grip jaws ferocity. And with all this dog has to give in to training well, have a good intellectual abilities. By crossing 14 breeds, breeders brought Russian black terrier, who, no doubt, has all these characteristics. FCI recognized the breed in 1984. Today in Russia Russian black terrier dog handlers in popular media.
The growth of the adult dog from 64 to 72 cm.
Weight up to 65 kg.
The duration of the average life of 10-11 years.
Large massive head, which is proportional to the total addition.
Shirokopostavlennye dark oval eyes.
Color dark. Allowed a certain amount of silver wool, its total amount should not exceed one third of the total cover.
Wool is thick and coarse to the touch.
It should be noted that if a black Russian terrier proportioned according to standards, but there is weight and height more than the norm, the breed is not considered to be defects. Wool hairs can be up to 15 cm.
For the Russian black terrier is characterized by free, balanced movement. Energetic and sweeping the dog run is provided by the strong rear shocks and front paws. On the head with a long hair forms bangs, mustache and beard. Trimmingovat wool is not recommended enough regular care and haircuts.
The tail is docked, retained from 3 to 5 vertebrae, although recently allowed and a long tail. dogs above average growth. Black Russian Terrier is not fussy to the conditions, which will provide, has good resistance to colds diseases.
Since originally black Russian terriers were bred for guarding service, patrol the quality inherent in the dog initially. This bold, observant dog with a good response. Due to the quality of data is indispensable terrier watchman country houses.
Representatives of this breed are perfect for single people and large families with small children. With the latter, they love to play and are easy on the various pranks. In the case where the games with the kids they are bored or become troublesome, dogs of this breed are trying to leave, almost without showing aggression.
It is very important for the Russian black terrier chat with the owner. Bark only if they really strong need for this. Representatives of this breed are the dominant type of character. Therefore, they often need to be self-confident owner who will raise them with the necessary firmness, without forgetting the affection and care.
Black Russian Terrier – easily trained and loyal dog. With strangers can be suspicious, so in need of early socialization. The representatives of the breed get along well with other pets. It is advisable not to keep them near another large dog dominant type, as well as possible conflicts over territory.
Puppies grow up rather late, it usually happens to two years. Such a feature should be taken into account when engaging in training.
Feeding and Care
Because of the long thick wool Black Russian Terrier requires quite a lot of grooming. At least twice a week, the dog needs cleaning and combing. With regular care representatives of the breed almost no fade.
Frequent bathing for dogs of this breed is not recommended. It is enough water treatments once a month. To wash it is necessary to use a special liquid shampoo designed for dogs. Benefit is a regular professional grooming.
Black Russian Terrier in need of exercise. This is especially true of dogs whose activity is limited to a small room. Therefore Terriers love long walks. On the street they are happy to have fun and play. In winter, the dogs can lie in the snow, and in the warmer months – splash in the pool or near the pond.
The power terriers are not too picky. You can offer dogs a dry food sold in pet stores, and cooked their own meal. Do not spoil the representatives of this breed too many sweets, as this has a negative impact both on the teeth, and the general condition of the animal. Problems in the body Terrier can be seen on the reduced activity, lack of appetite.
Among the characteristic of black Russian terrier diseases, it may be noted elbow dysplasia or hip joints. In addition, the dog may be faced with otitis or progressive atrophy of the retina. For the prevention of these diseases requires regular eye care, disposal of waste and wool, which accumulate in the corners. To prevent otitis need to remove excess hair from the ears. Also, the owner must be periodically shave hair between the pads of the paws, as in this place it is easy to get confused.
During warmer months, the number one problem for the Black Russian Terrier become parasites. Due to thick hair to get rid of them will not be easy. Therefore, a regular inspection of the owner of the surface of the animal cover dog.
We must remember that Black Russian Terrier has a fairly high intelligence and need training. They do not tolerate physical punishment, but happy to respond to affection. If a dog is something wrong, simply raise her voice, that she realized that doing something wrong. Black Russian Terrier is perfectly located in the apartment, he does not need a special cage. But that will never be able to make a representative of this breed – to spend his life on a chain. Therefore, to limit the movement of the dog in a way it is not necessary.
Dogs of this breed charming and good-natured. However, they instantly become brave defenders if necessary. And with the impressive size – it is the perfect guard and the guard, who is loyal and true friend.
After watching dogs in a kennel, it should be noted that the representatives of this breed are held with dignity and self-respect, even at a young age. Black Russian Terrier is a participant of many exhibitions, not for nothing that he takes pride of place in the hierarchy of service breeds.

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