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Billie Piper
Billy was born September 22, 1982 in Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.
Her parents named Mandy and Paul. Billy has a brother and two sisters Charlie – Hurley and Elle.
Billy grew up in Swindon, went to school there and attended a drama club. As a teenager, she began acting on television in the children’s programs. In 15 years, Billy has signed a contract with the record company and became the youngest performer to debut in first place in the British charts. Several of her songs became hits, it was nominated for music awards BRIT Awards and Smash Hits. Total Billy recorded two albums – Honey to the B and Walk of Life.
In 2003, Billy decided to forget about a career in pop music and return to his first love – acting. Taking a few acting lessons in LA, she returned to England and quickly got roles in television movies “The Canterbury Tales” and Bella and the Boys. Critics praised Billy and even said that as an actress she is much better than the singer. She managed to star in a movie – in the films “The Calcium Kid” with Orlando Bloom, “Things to do it to thirty,” “The trap for the spirit” (in the latter, by the way, played the Russian singer Alsu).
In 2005, Billie Piper appeared on British television in the role of Rose Tyler, companion of the Doctor in a revived series “Doctor Who”. Simple girl Rose from London and loved by the audience and critics, and Billy received for this role many awards.
After retiring from the “Doctor Who” Billy continues filming for television. She had to play in the books by Philip Pullman film ( “Ruby in the dark”, “Shadow” North Star “), in” Mansfield Park “by Jane Austen and the sensational series” Secret Diary of a Call Girl. ”
Having started his career very early, Billy experienced many difficult moments in their lives. So, in 16 years it has practically ceased to sleep and eat and could only a few days to drink a coffee or a Coke (about this she wrote in her autobiography). Fortunately, in the time of her life there was Chris Evans, a British DJ, which helped her to conquer anorexia. In 2001, Chris and Billy got married. They lived together for long (could not cope with a difference of sixteen years of age), but even after a divorce, they were best friends.
In 2007, Billy first came to the theater stage – in the play Treats. Together with her in the play played Laurence Fox. They were spending a lot of time together, and out of the scene, and December 31, 2007, Billy and Laurence married.
Now Billy lives with Lawrence in the village Izborn in West Sussex, and continues to act for television.
Music Idol made its way to the generation of future glory, just like most of her colleagues in show business – from the very bottom of society. But the daughter of the builder and housewife was lucky that her stellar destination carefully out parents, a pretty little daughter facilitating the first steps in the world of glory.
Baby Billy knew from the start that a quiet and peaceful life in the depths of the English is not her destiny. Kids Games imperceptibly turned into a more serious ambition – thirsty hypocrisy. At the age of five years old girl already being comprehended the secrets of the dance and vocal skills. And just two years later, housewives across America beheld a charming young creature, nomadic one infomercial to another.
Ambitious girl, barely reaching eight years, achieved thanks to the talent of the enrollment at the prestigious theater company “The Sixth Sense.” Star Theatre, taught there, quickly turned rough diamond into a sparkling diamond. Education in “The Sixth Sense” has allowed it to deepen their acting skills and acquire such a valuable experience for each actor. All this is very handy, Billy, she continued her publicity triumph, so successful that young talent even invited to a cameo role in the TV series “EastEnders.”
After studying at the school of his native town all year, Miss Piper with her good-bye. She was accepted into the famous London theater school for young actors of “Sylvia”, bestowed on the world stage such as the Titans Emma Bunton, Denis Van Autun and sisters Applegate. Billy and there proved to be excellent: won the contest for the best school theatrical production. Firmly take root in London, the young actress and singer has long moved to the capital of Theatre Arts and settled in the house of his uncle and aunt.
“I was very emotional, and therefore very homesick – so told Billy about the London period of his life -. It was very difficult then, however, from being able to finally give in and give up everything, I kept one very important reason I say.. me: “Let me now is not easy, but if I give up, it is a unique opportunity will be lost forever, and I will be very sorry about it!”.
She found the strength to continue to self-improvement. And just around the corner it was a time of great triumph, for which the young singer and actress has put so much effort.
A new era of her life, she began with that accepted the invitation to the shooting of the next TV project. They began advertising chewing gum. Role for already recognized stars was quite simple, not to say – primitive. From Billy needed only inflate the big pink bubble burst and a maximum fine of his camera. Although primitive, it is this simple but beautiful advertising has opened up a talented girl from the provinces hitherto unseen perspectives. Soon Billy was chosen as the leading model for the British magazine Smash Hits – the most authoritative publication in the world of British pop music. Beautiful Cover Girl managers noticed a promising new label Innosent Records – one of the branches music mogul Virgin Records. Offers made by the head of Virgin Records, was so tempting that the contract was signed in record time.
Many in the world of show business would call such reckless haste. But not in the case of Billie Piper! Her first single, “Because we want to,” released in the rotation in 1997, suddenly turned the 15-year-old beauty in the brightest star in the firmament of the world of pop music. Song once and forever cemented Billy status of the young singer, debutants, with the first single conquered the music charts.
The singer’s number one in the UK using the song “Girlfriend” that followed the first song (which also ranked first in the world) and with the support of their debut album “Honey to the B” deservedly won the title of the English “pop princess” and a better singer.
Naturally, Billy was shocked and amazed similar achievements in the field of music, because nothing like this has been observed the last forty years in the music world.
However, such a hectic lifestyle was too much for the young growing organism, and not to burn before the time, Billy decided to take a break from the big projects and devoted himself entirely to the care of the active promotion of the music market of their debut album. Quite rapidly developed her personal life. Miss Piper began a very close relationship with Ritchie Neville – one of the members of the popular British boy band “Five”.
In May 2000, having matured for two years and gain experience in how to light the hearts of fans, Billy returned to the music scene. Her long-awaited return was accompanied by a simultaneous assault charts new song “Day and Night”, presented to the public a more mature work of the singer – the second album called “Walk for Life”.
To repeat the success of the previous album, the singer enlisted the support of the famous in the world of show business producer Eliot Kennedy, who worked with such pop stars as Celine Dion and “Spice Girls”. But, despite this, the album “Walk for life”, which reached platinum status, conceded by the previous popularity and even a few passed their position in the charts, however, becoming one of the most popular works of Billie Piper.
Simultaneously lush flowers blooming and her film career: piggy bank advances Billy expanded a couple of very nice roles in television series and television project “Musical Chronicle”. Having cinematic experience, Billy opened in 1999. TV-theater “Billy wants you!”.
And yet, in spite of the second wave of fame that struck Billy in 2000, this year can not be rightly called the year of Billie Piper. All “spoiled” her health. She was in the hospital after fainted in the bar. It is a harmless case entailed rumors of drug addiction, which have long haunted the actress. Fuel to the fire added to heart problems and infectious disease suffered by the singer in the same year.
It would seem that a significant cooling of the creativity of Miss Piper, resulting backstage gossip about the imminent rupture of the singer a contract with her label, was to be the last and decisive drop. But Billy would not have been the star of the first magnitude if the world would allow so easy to write off the accounts themselves. Already in December 2000, she appeared in a radio show Chris Evans. Shocked DJ was struck by the beauty of this spot. The extent of his admiration illustrate his gift – elegant “Ferrari”, full of red roses. At that time, while his lady handed over on the right, Chris casually remarked that he had met a girl with whom is ready to tie the knot. New Age couple met in Madeira. And in May 2001, were married in Las Vegas, Billy and Chris started the arrangement of the family nest.
Citing the harmony of personal life, the actress and singer has decided to bring back the shine pomerkshego greatness. Billy again regained all the titles, titles and privileges, breaking into the world charts with songs from the new album. Sensing a second wind, the star of British pop music began actively touring for his native England. What upset her fans in the United States. But there is no doubt that if Billy still visit the US for a visit, a royal procession of the queen of pop and there will end in triumph.

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