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Ben Browder

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Ben Browder was born in December 1962 in Memphis, Teniss staff, however, he grew up in Charlotte, in North Carolina. His parents owned a racing car that participates in NASCAR racing running the brother of the actor – the Nile. The actor has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and also went to school drama and music in London, where he met his future wife, Francesca, which became engaged in 1989. The first acting experience was getting to the stage. Then he played a cameo in the pilot Memphis Belle – picture of 1990 World War II.
Subsequent films with the participation of Ben Browder, such as A Kiss Before Dying, Boogie battle and television projects Murder, She Wrote and Grace Under Fire – was quite popular, but the actor was not itself so evident in these works, such as in the television series The Magnificent five.
World fame and recognition were not going to Browder, he remained supporting actor, while in 1999, did not join the shooting sci-fi series Farscape, where he played a major role – astronaut John Crichton. The project finally opened in Bene its potential: it is not only perfectly embodies the image, but also participated in the creation of scripts for the episodes. His wife Francesca also took part in the shooting, but as a guest actress.
After completion of Farscape, Ben was not ready to part with the image of a fearless explorer of space and starred in yet another science fiction, which has become a cult classic, the series – Stargate SG-1, which also played a leading role, try on the image of Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell , the leader of SG-1. However, the era of TV series about the universe came to an end, and now the new role of Ben Browder – is secondary characters in major television projects: Arrow, Doctor Who.
Ben Browder gray eyes, dark hair on the nature of color, light skin and medium-sized lips. Form a rectangular face, forehead average, straight hair, thick. Ben Browder does not change the color of hair, preferring the natural. The actor Medium straight nose and chin oval. The growth of the actor – 183 cm, no tattoos.
Zodiac sign – Sagittarius (12/11/1962)

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