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River otter – an animal that human-caused nearly vanished from the face of the planet in the recent past. All the fault was his beautiful skin, from which large quantities of sewing hats and coats.
Occurs this kind of beaver in freshwater: lakes, ponds, rivers and streams located in the edge of wooded areas. The pond should be deep, and preferably with a slow stream. Often the little animals have to create those conditions artificially, by the erection of the giant dam of trees, mud and algae.
Body weight beaver is an average of about 23 kg, and the length is 135 cm, females grow slightly larger than males. The muzzle of the beast stupid, small ears, short legs. The fur of the animal consists of two layers: a hard guard hairs red-brown, gray and thick undercoat, which protects him from hypothermia. Front view of the river bobraGoly black tail, a flat in a horizontal plane, covered with scales, but it is narrower than that of the North American species. At the base of the tail of the beaver are two glands that produce odorous substance called castoreum. With the help of animal marks its territory and people are using the substance in perfumery.
Beaver River forms monogamous pairs, which will eventually turn into small family groups. The right to reproduction in them, however, belongs only of the ruling couple, the other individuals compelled to leave after growing up a group to organize their own koloniyu.Para beavers
mating period of beavers occur in January and February. Pregnancy lasts for about 3 months, the light usually appears 1 to 3 cubs. About Newborn female tenderly taken care of, cleans and feeds them. At six weeks of age bobryata weaned and begin to eat solid pischey.Rechnoy beaver floating in a pond
Beaver diet consists exclusively of feed of plant and wood-based. In summer, it shoots, twigs, bark, leaves and buds in winter as the only food are wood, among which preference is given to the willow, aspen and birch. Since beavers winter does not come to the surface, then they have to store food for the winter, nataskivaya cloth under the water. Digest cellulose rodents helps bacteria living in the cecum, and grind food – huge incisors that grow throughout life. To see beaver teeth and process food, visit the following video:
River otters are mostly nocturnal, resting during the day in his home. In some places, it is a hole dug in the steep bank, others – hut, built of sticks and mud. Login accommodation is always under water. Therefore, if you are interested in the question why beavers build dams, but now you know him so otvet.Vot chew trees beaver
In my free time is always busy beaver maintenance in proper condition of their fur. The point is that to save water repellent fur, it is necessary to lubricate the secretions of the sebaceous glands, which uses a special claw on its hind legs (this animal has been in the photo below). This allows the animal does not get wet, and do not freeze even in the icy vode.Rechnoy beaver birch
The main natural enemies beaver are wolves, brown bears and foxes, but the most significant damage to animal populations causing human.

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