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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

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In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Chaos again showed his teeth and grabbed us by the gills. The Gothic galaxy sector (unrestrained true God-Emperor, of course) invade haosity traitors to their tuzili your fleet – and along with them and tucked under the arm orc pirates and cheaters, Eldar.
In fact we’d said goodbye to the world of this great strategy if the imperial aesthetics did not climb out of each slot. Cheap rollers slides depict the harsh actions of ministers God-Emperor, voice actors as much gnashing of teeth from the hatred of the vile heretics, and the ships of the Imperium resemble a hybrid of Catholic cathedrals, Stalin’s skyscrapers and old frigates with rows of guns on the sides.
About that and the game in general.
Tack, tacked, and gutted
Golf uprooting heresy and imbeciles-xenos – the same Gothic sector, divided into several districts. In each district – dozens of systems related ways. In any sector of angles can bloom the enemy shoots, selecting from one of the systems of the Imperium, and your fleet – without experiencing problems with logistics – instantly jumping into a hot spot, from star to star, from district to district. Here I would like uglyadet strategic mode, or at least his shadow, but there was no reason in this: he was not in nastolki, why would he be in the electronic version?
Almost all the fun concentrated in real-time battles taking place where your mighty Dreadnoughts will be ironing desperate enemy. Their interface is initially frightening, and for good reason: the good admiral should calculate all the many variables that affect the fight.
For example, ships are subject to the laws of physics: puts them on the turns, it is not easy to slow down, they unfold slowly and grimly. At such moments, when you try to lure frigate Eldar between two cruisers, the game immediately recalls and “Le Corsaire”, and sea battles of the Empire: Total War.
Admiral Spire, a role which we command the fleet, originally from the planet rebels, and his loyalty was tested to the fullest extent.
The enemy without fighting the system picks up: apparently, the Imperium is not so closely following the outskirts of the sector.
Full torpedoes fan in one side – a good start talks with the enemy. Just hit the target of no easier than any World of Warships.
This subtlety does not end there. Vessels are on board implements three types – macro-guns, laser “spear” and missiles. Splitting their “duties” as usual for games on space theme: the first beating with all the dope, but their damage is extinguished at a distance, the second cut from a distance, without a miss and not that much, and some tearing to shreds the body, bypassing the energy barriers, and at the same time vulnerable to shots in his address.
The logic is predictable to anyone who is familiar with the 4X-strategies, but here everything is very clearly shown. Terrible battleship yanked reduces the distance and discharges all the guns at close range, otherwise it bombs or scatter in all directions, or inflict damage on the ridiculous. Another ship bomb demolishes billboards enemy – and well it, naked, saw long-range “spears”. Rockets, unfortunately, rarely are independent instrument – they are like a torpedo launched by hand, it is easy to knock down.
When limiting rapprochement try to parachute on the enemy ship. On board the ship did not take, but the landing probably break something right.
machine Spirits
In a basic configuration mechanic gives the impression of not too complicated, but the blossoms, we need only look at the port and poshelestet drawings. The three areas are allowed to improve the design, spending reputation points (victorious Admiral – Admiral rich).
Improvements – this passive skills, some of which are great to increase the efficiency of the dreadnought. Reduce the “degradation” of damage macro-guns, and the ship will not have to move up dangerously close. Increase the capacity of shunting engines and unthinkable pirouettes before will become possible. The mass of options, although some of them are not as effective as others.
And with active skills (naturally, skills). Among them is a temporary invulnerability shield (insurance against lasers), and bomb rips shields, and a quantum leap in the small distance, and more. All, of course, is not to carry out, but the right choice of vessels with complementary capabilities will enhance their enormously.
The little that is not subject to improvement, – the type and number of guns. Therefore, it is better to choose those classes that you like.
Finally, there is also a team whose skills improve over time, and the sympathy of one of the units of the Imperium. Their value is not particularly high, but quite forget about them is not necessary.
THIS xenophobia: here we mainly use imperial terminology is right in the story campaign. Beyond it, in both single and multiplayer skirmishes, available fleets of Chaos, Orcs and Eldar, where all their names. Justice of the findings, however, this does not cancel.
Generally, the time somewhat unique. Before us if tactical battle mode, violently torn out from 4X-titanium. All improvements and skills could be studied in a scientific web and sympathy – produced with the help of internal policy. In the current form they are all open at once. Not to say that this is bad: the wealth of tactical still there. It could be better? Yes, but not for such a hit. Bute for the fact that not all debugged – and with it the game is not all glory to God.
Flat space
Do not neglect the escort ships. Though they and weak body, but three or four of them will cause significant damage, and their loss would have no impact on your fleet.
The best example: the card with a landscape of beauty mad – and frightening emptiness.
Because the objects on the map – a small nebula, harboring armada from prying eyes, asteroid fields (cause damage) and mine veil. All customary for orbital carnage. Apply as directed obtained only nebula, and then only in online battles, because the AI will attack your track immediately. In the field of asteroids, as well as in mine, we can only fly by mistake. It turns out that almost all of the events on the screen depend only on the position of ships and their actions.
It’s beautiful: cosmic landscapes in the game – one of the best in the industry. Such a spectacular combination of colors, mysterious phenomena and similar astronomical joy was not, it seems, even in EVE Online.
For losing battle, too, reward, and not even so poorly, if you firmly bitten by the enemy.
But already enough opportunities here – another thing is that they still need to bring to mind. On the one hand, there is full of modes: normal battle, the convoy of transport, assault battle stations, data protection, and goodness knows what else. The campaign is particularly good in this respect – it has a lot of plot jobs with interesting conditions (such as the bombing of the planet), but the strategy for their implementation is not always obvious. There will be many losses are not due to a lack of tactical thinking, but because of misunderstanding of the conditions. Lesions in the campaign, by the way, is irreversible – Lord Admiral chide you add some “debuff” and all, fight on.
There are other holes. The mission to support the defense of transport risks losing the very beginning of the battle, if you place all the ships from the right flank, and the attacker – with the left. The guards just something defenseless and we must deliver the trough to the desired line, and the intercept team simply did not have time. Previously rampant “Nova” gun through polkarty cause enormous damage to the area, but they were severely weakened. But all the same Eldar actively complain, accusing ruthless domination. The reason for that, I suppose, their supreme agility combined with not quite so weak other aspects.
Sturm orbital fortress is particularly difficult – it arriving reinforcements, and the base itself conveniently snaps.
Perhaps all modern games for Warhammer universe differentiates the same flaw: they are well made, but if you do not care about the universe, you can safely skip. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada pretty, play frisky pace, imbued with Warhammer – but distinguished mainly by the fact that the captain coward allowed to shoot on the spot without trial.
However, the blame igroizatsiyu board game it would be strange that there are no genre achievements: besides, it lacks its own merits and flaws are small and some are reparable. Finally, the Armada is played with passion and requires both the speed of the mind, so as not to fall into the environment and not to collect all the enemy torpedo and planning ships pumping.
And where else will you be able to send a ship to ram-Cathedral?

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