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General information:
Full name: Baltimore
State: Maryland
Established: 1729
Population (the surroundings): 2.6 million people..
Area: 238 sq km
Baltimore City is located on the territory of Maryland (Maryland), United States eastern state. In a place where the picturesque Patapsco River (Patapsco River) flows into the Chesapeake Bay (Chesapeake Bay), and founded the old town. If we talk about the geographical location of Baltimore, it is located at a distance of 300 km from the Atlantic Ocean, 60 km north-east stretches Washington, and if you go to the south-west, through a 125 km reach Philadelphia.
Baltimore was founded over 2 centuries ago, in 1729. The place of his base – more than good, it was thanks to him that the town has been ranked among the port city in the eastern United States. Baltimore’s population is relatively small – about 637 000 inhabitants, but if you count the number of residents in the metropolitan area, the figure is much larger, about 2.7 million people! Although demographers note steady decline in the urban population, for example, in the last years of World War II and immediately after it, the number of residents of Baltimore was almost 1 million people.
Baltimore is known worldwide as a city with many attractions. The infrastructure is highly developed it, here there are also clubs, and entertainment venues, and shops and hotels, and a variety of historical and cultural monuments. In the northern part of Baltimore’s population lives mainly provided, usually white and has no problems with the law. But as the southern part of the city, here you can meet people from a variety of income levels. Here a wide variety of areas. East and West Baltimore residents are busy with black skin. A distinctive feature of the “black” areas is a high crime rate.
After passing to the south-east of Baltimore, in 40 km you will reach Annapolis (Annapolis) – Maryland’s capital. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the US. In the years 1783-1784 the city even had the title of the capital of the United States, and is now a cozy quiet town, where well-preserved reminders of antiquity, the building of the past centuries. Annapolis is located one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the state – Naval Academy.

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