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Badger – this is a very impressive kunego member of the family. its body length of 60-100 cm and a normal weight – 7-13 kg (the autumn of badgers to recover 2-25 kg). The animal has a small head with rounded ears, a wedge-shaped body, short tail. Short but impressive size of his feet have long, strong claws. All these adaptations animal has learned to perfectly burrow.
Badgers have a long, rough fur. Much of the body of light, silver-gray tones. The belly is darker. White head, arranged laterally wide strips of black.
To meet these animals can be everywhere, from Europe and to Japan. Russia – the northern part of the range. Badgers selected habitat are not picky. The main thing that Nora does not freeze and is not flooded. It is because of this they do not live in the permafrost conditions, as well as they avoid the steppes and deserts. People are not shunned.
Badger – homebody, ou kind to his burrow. Usually, his life is concentrated within a radius of 1.5 km from the burrow. If enough food, some badgers burrow nearby, on one slope of the ravine. Animals settle alienated only with food shortage.
Almost all his life animals spend underground. Their burrows they build themselves in the future constantly changing their length or width. Nora has a complex structure. It is there and ventilation openings and galleries system, often having several levels, with a lot of branches, dead ends, recesses and a pair of nesting chambers. The length of the underground part of the hole reaches 35-80 m core of the system -. Main camera. Her badgers carpet the bed of dry grass, leaves, moss. Twice a year they update this layer.
If a couple of animals, nothing exasperates, the hole is inherited by other generations. Each generation completes housing and rebuilds. badgers often combine adjacent hole by a stroke. Thus formed the whole settlement.
Sometimes in a hole may settle the fox. If badger do not like her presence, he throws the guest easily. Tales of how the fox badger expelled out of the hole – not true. The hole may settle and raccoon dog. Wild cats, martens, polecats and often settle in abandoned badger burrows.
Autumn badger actively batten and hibernates in winter. If the same hole a few animals hibernate, each located in its nest chamber. In those regions, where the winter is not cold, the animals go in the hole for a few days. When the snow begins to melt in the spring, they wake up.
Finding food occur at dusk and at night. Moving, badgers are not hidden and are noisy. The nature of their movements – slow and heavy. They lowered his head to the ground and move a step or shallow jogging. Pets are also good swimmers.
These animals are very fond of cleanliness. They dig pits for Urinating near the burrow. Near the badger burrows are always marginal cleanliness.
Badgers are omnivorous, but prefer beetles, earthworms, slugs. In the middle zone, they prey on voles, and in the south – on lizards in damp places to catch frogs. Also, eat large beetles, earthworms and slugs. Go to the food and the green parts of plants, fruits, rhizomes. However, even in lean years the badger will not eat carrion.
Badger pairs are created for years, sometimes for life. Pregnancy lasts for females 9-12 months. Barsuchata born from December to April. Usually one female badger cub has to 2-3. They are born helpless, blind and deaf. Up to three months barsuchata feed on mother’s milk, and later begin to emerge from the hole, play and eat themselves. Some of them will leave in September, seven others remain in their home burrow.
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