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Ava Lavinia Gardner – American actress and one of the leading actresses in Hollywood, recognized as one of the most beautiful women of her time, ranked twenty-fifth place in the ranking of the greatest women of America according to the American Film Institute, nominated for “Oscar” for the performance of the best female role in a melodrama John Ford’s “Mogambo”, was born December 24, 1922 in the town of Smithfield, North Carolina.
The girl was the youngest in the family, where all had seven children. In addition to her parents raised two brothers Raymond and Melvin, and four sisters, Beatrice, Elsie Mae, Inez and Myra. Her mother, Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Baker and his father, Jonas Bailey Gardner, were poor farmers who lived at the expense of cotton and tobacco. As mentioned, Ava’s family was Irish, Scottish and English roots, their family were blood of the American Indian and the French Huguenots. When the children were very young, the parents lost all acquired property, and were forced to odd jobs. So the father of the family got a place at the sawmill and Molly became a cook and housekeeper at a nearby school and the teachers’ dormitory. When Agee was barely seven, the family decided to try his luck, he moved to the city of Newport News, Virginia. It was there that Molly was offered a position managing pension for urban workers, shipbuilders.
When Ava was fifteen, head of the family died of bronchitis. The family had to move again. At this time, Molly is also asked to lead the pension, but in the town of Rock Ridge. There Ava received a high school education and graduated in 1939. After school for a year she went to the Christian town of Wilson College, to learn on the Secretary. Unexpected first step towards a future career occurred in 1941 when Ava was visiting her sister Beatrice, who lived at that time in New York. Her husband, a professional photographer Larry Tarr suggested the girl to make her photograph. The result is so impressed with him that he placed the resulting picture in the window of his studio on Fifth Avenue. Photo Barney saw Doohan, the clerk of Loews Theatres. While young people often represented by talent agent to facilitate familiarity with the pretty girls, besides that a subsidiary of Loews Theatres was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was he who confidently said Tarr, that urgently needs to send a picture in the MGM, and the photographer – to inform the model. Soon Gardner was invited to come back to New York, this time to take part in an interview with the head of the Department of talent Al Altman. He suggested eighteen beauty go before the camera and fix the flowers standing in the vase. Al does not do voice samples become because of her bright pronounced Southern accent. Despite the fact that Altman immediately recognized Ava beautiful woman, he expected that the sample will be a failure. But what he saw on the screen, even more impressed. Gardner hit his magnetism. Al posted a record in Hollywood, and soon received a reply the head of the studio, Louis B. Mayer, “She can not sing, she does not know how to play, she can not speak, She’s amazing!”. Gardner was offered a standard contract by MGM. She enrolled in acting school. The primary objective was a speech class, designed to fix the focus. Before the actress came a resounding success, she sang about twenty five episodic roles. In 1946, the actress was chosen for the lead female role in the film noir-thriller of Robert Siodmak “Killer”, is based on the short story by Ernest Hemingway. Her partner was Burt Lancaster. Ava’s acting career peaked in the fifties and sixties to have slowed down. The last major work was the role in the drama John Huston’s “Night of the Iguana.”
The actress has lived up to 67 years, and died in London, moving the two strokes, chained her to the bed, complicated by pneumonia.

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