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General information:
Full name: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Established: 1837
Population (the surroundings): 5.6 million people..
Area: 343 sq km
Atlanta – the main city of the state of Georgia and one of the largest in the southeast United States. With a population of about 550 thousand inhabitants, Atlanta became the center of a powerful urban agglomeration with at least 5.5 million people.
The geographical position of the city dramatically influenced its history. Back in the mid-19th century on the site of Atlanta was a small village with a hundred inhabitants. When started a large-scale railway construction, road workers were pulled here and other experts. Passing through the city of West Atlantic Road Atlanta made a major transportation hub on the routes between the country’s south, the north-east and Midwest, and simultaneously gave her present name.
The Civil War in the United States are not spared side of Atlanta. As one of the mainstays of the South, the city was at the heart of military operations, he was captured by the army of General Sherman and burned. By the way, in the history of the Civil War, and other wars in North America, it was the only such case. When the war ended, in Atlanta did not have any buildings, apart from a few churches and hospitals. But the growth of the industry across the country and the rapid development of the transport network was not given the city disappear from the map. After a quick recovery Atlanta found its new face, and the glory of the business and industrial center of all the South of the United States. Maybe that’s why its coat of arms we see a phoenix as the legendary symbol of invincibility, the revival of the dust and updates.
The international airport Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson’s behalf today – it is the largest airport in the world by number of passengers, loading and the number of daily incoming and outgoing aircraft. Yearly passes through it almost 90 million passengers. Transportation of goods by different modes of transport and related business activities – these are the main pillars of economic growth in both the Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia. In addition, the region is known for financial companies, reliable banks, industrial enterprises, construction companies, law firms. Atlanta is especially renowned for the quality of training highly qualified specialists for the application, and humanitarian spheres. The city has three dozen institutions of higher learning, the most popular of which – Technical Institute of Georgia (Georgia Tech), Georgia State University (GSU), University of Georgia (UGA) and others. Every third resident of Atlanta has a degree not lower than bachelor’s degree, which is one of the highest rates in the US and more than 130 thousand inhabitants of the city in its work related to the science and high technology.
In the metropolitan area of ​​Atlanta continued dynamic growth of the population, which every year is added to nearly 140 thousand inhabitants. According to experts, in 10 years it will take claim sixth place in the country, while now in the ninth.
It should also be noted that a clear geographical boundaries in Atlanta not. It is believed that the city area of ​​131 square meters. mile of the entire urban agglomeration (metropolis) occupies about 8500 square meters. miles. Growing city and its rapidly increasing population leads to some elements of the identity of the Atlanta metropolis in particular and variegated racial composition of its population. For example, African Americans living here for more than 55% white – about 38.5%, Asians – almost 2%, while Latin Americans of mixed race – a little less than 5%.
The bulk of the population of Atlanta – the young, the average age of its population – 33.8 years, while across the United States this figure is within the 36 years. One-third of the newly settled in Atlanta over the past 10 years – the first-generation immigrants. But the largest number of Americans who want to move to Atlanta, lives in New Jersey and New York. Their choice, they explain the much lower cost of living in Georgia than in many other American regions.
Spicy originality Atlanta gives the abundance of people of non-traditional sexual preferences. City holds confidence in the US 3rd position on this indicator, second only to San Francisco and Seattle.

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