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Ashley was born in California June 13, 1986. On this day, the Olsen family has replenished immediately to two babies. One girl named Mary-Kate, the other – Ashley. David and Dzharnett Olsen became parents of many children. At that time, they already had a son, Trent, and later there was a third daughter – Elizabeth. Despite four children, Ashley’s parents filed for divorce. However, the father has never lost touch with the children, supporting them in all endeavors.
Ashley Olsen’s career is impossible to imagine without her partner’s sister, Mary-Kate. From an early age, namely nine months, Ashley with her twin sister was the star in a comedy series. Since the law on child labor is not allowed to work for a long time, a little girl, they play the role of Michelle in turn. They grew, and with it increased the popularity of the series. The shooting lasted for 7 years. Their phrase “You did it, buddy,” has become incredibly popular, and later it began to be used in the advertising industry for promotion.
When she was 6 years old, they drew the attention of Robert Thorne, who has created a project called “Double Star”. He promised this project a bright future and not mistaken. Their project involved in the release of films with the participation of the twins. Against the background of the popularity of “Double Star” started its production – books, fragrances, magazines with pictures of girls. They strongly promote your brand, earning them a place in hundreds of Forbes 2002 richest celebrities of the year. In 2007, women were in the list of the highest paid women in the world. Business activity and ability Mary Ashley, with the support of a family friend Robert Thorne did the trick. Their fame and money could only dream of. Their last joint work in the film industry was the movie “New York Minute.”
Despite continuous shooting, Ashley Olsen did not forget about education, she learned good, so was able to enroll in the University of California Department of Motor Vehicles. However, soon he dropped out, fully devoting himself to work.
Growing up, the girls began to devote more time to fashion, style and captivated the public at the time unusual outfits. They preferred to dress in loose, but tasteful clothes. Their way consisted of large bags, baggy sweaters and sunglasses – a sort of “street chic”. And here I am waiting for their success.
Sisters release a clothing line aimed at teenage girls. Having plunged into the world of the fashion industry, the girls walked confidently to the title of style icon. They created more and more new clothing line, and in 2009 had already been on the list of the US Council of Fashion Designers of participants. The main weakness was Ashley shoes, so in 2011 they work as creative directors of the Italian brand, and then engaged in running already own collection.
Personal life
Despite a brilliant career, Ashley Olsen is not very lucky in love. It is known that it was associated with romantic ties with Matt Keplonom, but in 2004, the press comes news of their separation.
She attributed novels with the singer Jared Letto, cyclist Lance Armstrong, restaurateur Scott Sartiano, but for one reason or another fans once again learned about it the next break with her boyfriend.
When Ashley Olsen began dating Justin Bartha, the fans sighed with relief: here it is, its half! But even preparing for the wedding did not protect their relationship, the couple broke up.
Ashley did not despair, still looking for his love. At some point, she was fascinated by men much older than her. She was a bright affair with David Schulte. The big difference in age (he was older than her 17 years) did not prevent the lovers feel happy. They did not depart from each other, and seemed to delight them knew no bounds, but for unknown reasons, the novel ended. Ashley Olsen once again become a free woman.
From some sources we know that Ashley Olsen could not resist the handsome Johnny Depot. At that time, Johnny was married to Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had two children. But that did not stop Olse
Unlike the twin sister, Ashley differed seriousness and discretion. In the movies it always got more important moments. Perhaps it hurt her novels – high demands on himself and his partner.
In 2015, the press has become full of headlines about the disease Ashley Olsen. She caught a very dangerous disease – Lyme disease, which attacks the nervous system. Unfortunately, the actress turned to medical institutions already at an advanced stage of development of the disease. Sister Mary-Kate began losing his hair. Her condition has deteriorated significantly. It can not carry the same active life as before the illness, because of constant weakness and muscle pain. Fans of Ashley Olsen hope that she will cope with the disease and soon again will shine with beauty and health.

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