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Apricot (Latin Prunus armeniaca.) – A fruit stone fruit tree plum family. The exact birthplace of the fruit is still unknown; it is common in many countries. But its Latin name apricot obliged to Armenia, which was previously considered the birthplace of apricot trees. However, this hypothesis was not confirmed.
There are eight kinds of apricot trees, native to Asia, southern Europe and parts of the Caucasus. Apricot tree – small, branched, with large round velvety fruit with a fleshy pulp and sweet taste. The fruits of the apricot tree – apricots – contain large amounts of natural sugars – up to 20%, malic and citric acids, fiber, pectin, carotene. Apricot seeds contain large amounts (30-60%), fat oil. Apricots also contain vitamins C and A, B vitamins to meet the daily needs of organima in ascorbic acid is enough to drink half a glass of apricot juice on a daily basis.
What is useful apricot? It has hematopoietic properties. Scientists have shown that 100 grams of fresh apricot affect the blood as well as 40 mg of the iron preparation or 250 of the liver. Therefore apricots are especially useful for people suffering from anemia, anemia, low hemoglobin. Fruits are good for blanks – they are easily dried and retain all the beneficial properties.
Dried apricots are also known as dried apricots or dried apricots. Dried apricots and dried apricots difference is in the method of drying – dried apricots is dried apricot halves Pitted and apricots – a dried whole fruit with pits. Dried apricots and dried apricots have a high sugar content – up to 60%. They saved many vitamins and minerals.
Dried apricots contain high amounts of potassium. This is one of the few kaliesberegayuschih products, along with bananas. Dried apricots are useful during pregnancy, she rescues from muscle spasms caused by electrolyte imbalance – a fairly frequent occurrence during pregnancy.
In the east, dried apricots are considered “fruit of life”. His influence on the cardiovascular and circulatory centenarians owe their health system – in fact in the east dried fruits are an integral part of any diet. However, because of the high caloric content and high sugar content should be limited apricots obese and diabetes.
From apricot seeds receive a fixed oil, which has its own value. It is widely used in cosmetics. Apricot oil is a good base to dissolve in it of essential oils.

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