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Antonio Banderas – one of the most famous Spaniards in the world – became an actor because of an accident. He wanted to be a footballer, but in 14 years, broke his leg, and an athlete’s career had to put a cross. It is not known, we would see Banderas in the shirt of the national football team, but what Antonio entered the cinema elite, and not only the Spanish and world – an indisputable fact.
Born Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas August 10, 1960 in Malaga, a city in southern Spain in the province of Andalusia. His father, Jose Dominguez – Spanish officer of the National Guard, and my mother Ana Banderas – school teacher. Parents brought up her son in the Catholic tradition. However, over time the young Banderas has freed himself from all sorts of religious trends. Playing soccer for the school team and making decent progress, he was injured and down in the recovery process than is possible in this life to do outside of sports, I chose the theater. At the young Antonio was impressed by the well-known play “Hair” in the performance of the local theater troupe. He enrolled in the School of Dramatic Art native of Malaga, at the theater, and which took acting debut Banderas. For his role in the play by Bertolt Brecht, the young actor was arrested: in Spain was a dictatorship of General Franco, the play Brecht had been banned, and police are severely punished violators censorship. Banderas spent the whole night in the police station. During his time as a part of a small theater company, Wheels for Spain and gives representation to small towns, Banderas was arrested several times, but fortune favored the young actor, and took care of him from serious trouble.
In 1979, at age 19, Antonio moved to the capital: he believed that it was in Madrid he will be able to achieve more in the profession. In anticipation of roles, he worked part time as a waiter, a model. He joined the troupe of the National Theatre of Spain, becoming the youngest actor it. One day in the theater for the show looked the young film director Pedro Almodovar and his eyes focused on the young actor Antonio Banderas. The result was the observation invitation Banderas to star in an episode of the film Almodovar’s “Labyrinth of Passion” (1982). Creative Alliance actor and director in the eighties made a series of innovative and sexually provocative pictures. The 1984th headers Spanish newspapers were filled with the image of Banderas, kissing with a man – the scenes from the film Almodovar’s “Law of Desire”. Banderas played the lover of famous film director, killing his opponent. In addition to the scandalous story and stunning games Banderas, the film impressed the Honorable audience love scene homosexual.
Banderas actively acted in films and other Spanish producers, but it was his fruitful collaboration with Pedro Almodovar earned him international recognition. In 1988, a film directed by “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” was nominated for the British BAFTA Award and an American – Oscar – Best Foreign Language Film, and the main role in it played by Antonio Banderas. Also in 1988, Antonio married. His choice was the Spanish actress Anna Woods, and among the guests at their wedding in Madrid was Pedro Almodovar and Spanish actress and brilliant partner Carmen Maura Banderas.
Later, the talented Spaniard with the hero-lover’s appearance drew attention to Hollywood. Not knowing English, he made his debut in the film “The Mambo Kings” (1992) .Svoi replica Banderas memorize by ear. Next was the role in “Philadelphia” (1993), “Interview with the Vampire” (1994), in the films of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez in “Evita” (1996) with Madonna, in “The Mask of Zorro” (1998) with Catherine zeta Jones. Antonio Banderas has become a recognized star of the movie. He learned English, Spanish divorced his wife and married the beautiful blonde and American actress Melanie Griffith, fell in love at first sight. Together they starred in. “Two – it’s too” In 1996 the couple had a daughter, Stella.
In the 2000s the actor continues to work actively, the voice of Puss in Boots in “Shrek 2,” “Shrek the Third” and “Shrek Forever After.” And in 2011 reunites with Banderas Pedro Almodovar to work on the thriller “The Skin I Live In”. Working with Almodovar for Banderas – always something special, “I once said recently, Pedro, let’s laugh, as we did in the good old days, come to dance and be silly, yet we both will not too old.”
Glory – often a heavy burden, which want to relax even the tireless Banderas. And the Spaniard is looking for rest in his beloved football. He is a fan of Madrid “Real”, and despite the veil of Hollywood, is still just Antonio – her boyfriend of provincial Malaga.

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