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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

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Creating Stradale, the Officers wished to show a normal drivers not riders, how to ride and what emotions can give, a real racing car. The Italians released to the public road centralnorthern car with phenomenal V8, with a volume of only 2.0 lb but spinning up to 10,000 rpm — the brainchild of the talented Italian master Carlo Chiti. It is a powerful and at the same time very light sports car that was released just 16-Athy copies. The price of this Italian debut in her 67th year amounted to$ 17,000, the price was comparable to a brand new Lamborghini Miura, but today, because of its exclusivity, the alpha is more expensive Lamborghini 7-10 times! We have about Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale only heard people who are pretty deeply interested in cars, portal would like to dedicate a few lines to this terrific vehicle. Immediately is to say that the name Stradale means “Road” so the Officers marked road modification of their legendary Tipo 33.
Look at the photo of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, is not a special car? Aluminum body alpha is dressed in a spatial frame of this 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale of the material, and the block itself powerful V8 made from “winged” metal. It took the Italians work hard to reduce weight, curb weight of their car only 572 kg! — this is unbelievable! The length of the Italians is 3 970 mm, width — 1710 mm and a height of only 990 mm. Exactly Stradale was the first production car with doors like — “butterfly wings”, not to be confused with “gull wings” on the Mercedes 300SL, and gelatinoso doors like Lamborghini. As Olhovskii open the door you can see in the photo. Though a series of these beautiful Italian cars was very limited, but in the case of the Stradale late cars are different from early. So in the photo you can see that under the “hood” lights early Stradale placed two lenses, on later machines it already is one. In addition, and behind the front and rear wheels of the late Italians are special ducts that are designed to cool the brakes Stradale. Very interesting that the Stradale is not equipped with door locks, that is, it cannot be close and easy to leave — it’s very racing, because racing cars live on the racing tracks with pits, where there is no need to lock the car. Even in this alpha I wonder what baggy and quite high profile wearing rubber 13-s discs. The design of this Italian miracle was engaged in the Franco Scaglione.
Photo Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale shows baggy threshold racing Italian. Also note that the side Windows go on the roof and they do not descend from an ordinary passenger car. For ventilation in the side Windows are provided for sliding the window again — Hello from the world of racing. For racing purpose Stradale indicates that in the main place occupies a speedometer, and a tachometer. Buckets, driver and passenger too — nothing like the seat of a regular car.
Technical Characteristics Of Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
As you already know Stradale V8 cast aluminium, the “Quartet” of this V8 have the collapse of 90 degrees, but most striking is its small volume of only 2.0 l engine layout V8 is just nemyslemo small volume of the engine. No less interesting, and the fact that the diameter of the cylinder 78mm pistons have a stroke of 52 mm, that is, RS this motor is not high, but it is spinning up to 10,000 rpm. Compression ratio 10.5:1, also not too high. Acrobatfree this unit is with 4 ignition coils and 16 spark ( per cylinder alpha has two candles). In agodi alpha was equipped with a lubrication system dry sump that prevents oil starvation even under the most extreme driving. Chetyrehbalnoy Italian V8 has a timing chain. It is also worth noting that the engine in this Italian located longitudinally. Power Stradale is 230л.with torque — 230 N.M. These Italian forces are pushing the car to 100 km in 5.2 s, top speed — 260 km.
Price Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Buy Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale can be a collector, but the price is well-groomed Stradale will not fall below 3 000 000$. Today it’s a real exclusive that will look perfect there, even with the most expensive cars in the world.

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