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Alex Lowther: Biography
Alex Lowther is a rising star of American showbiz. The name of the young man sounded through the pictures “Playing Imitation”, “Black Mirror”, “Goodbye, Christopher Robin.”

The future artist was born in the spring, May 4, 1995, in Petersfield. Parents of the boy work as lawyers. Before the advent of Alex, Brother Cameron and Sister Ellie were already brought up in the family. Cameron became a producer of movies, his sister linked life with politics.

Alex admitted that in the acting biography of the young man pulled thanks to his brother and sister. Since they are much older, they did not play with the boy, and the child needed to invent their own games.

In 2009, the young man received an education in college, where he wrote and staged a play in a theater group. The parents saw the boy’s passion for the creative environment, but they wanted him to go to King’s College in London to study English and history. However, Alex outlined their plans.

He made his first steps in acting art in 2010. He played in the short film “Fear,” directed by Casper Logan. Alex’s brother was also piling over the ribbon.

A year later, the actor went on stage in the play “South Downs”. The performance was shown on the stage of Chichester. At that moment, Alex understood his purpose. The performance was a resounding success and soon moved to the theater in London’s West End. In the same period, Lowther was nominated for a Whats On Stage Theater Award, and he signed a contract with an agent.

In 2013, Alex received a role in the documentary “Benjamin Britten. Peace and conflict. Here the artist embodied the image of the famous pianist musician in his youth. Then Alex appeared on the screen in the films “X + Y” and “Virtuoso”. In the first case, the actor worked with Acea Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins. But the dramatic tape of Alan Boll had no success.

Since 2014, Alex has recorded himself in the filmography “Painting Imitation”. Tape about the life of a cryptographer in the war years, Alan Turing fell in love with the audience and was a great success. Lowther played the scientist in his youth. Then the whole world learned about the artist. And the appearance on screen with Benedict Cumberbatch, Kira Knightley, Charles Dance and Matthew Good raised the young man up the career ladder.

Benedict Cumberbatch embodied Turing in adulthood, and Keira Knightley played the wife of a scientist. The film received nominations for prestigious film awards and even won an Oscar for the best adapted script. After the premiere of Imitation Games, Alex entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. However, the looming offers in the cinema forced the young man to leave school.

Alex was casting for the role in the film “Departure,” directed by Andrew Steggall. The film was released in 2016. After leaving the academy, Lowther said in an interview that he was wondering if he had done the right thing by leaving the academy. But at the same time, the young man learned a lot in the process of filming.

Then Alex appeared in the acclaimed TV series “Black Mirror” in the episode “Shut up and dance.” Lowther got the role of a young man whose phone hackers hacked. Threatening to post an intimate video for everyone to see, they forced the hero Alex to break the line of the law. At the venue, Alex met Jerome Flynn, who became famous for Brann’s role in the game of thrones.

Following the actor got the lead role in the movie “Circus Freaks.” Here, Alex appeared in front of fans in a new role. Lowther came out in the image of a man seeking to show society that it was stuck in the framework and stereotypes. He appealed to the fact that everyone has the right to his real outer and inner world, therefore, having shown his “alter ego” in the form of a girl, he decided to win the contest for young ladies.

In 2017, the television series “The End of the E **** of the World” was released. The film is based on the comics of Charles Frosman. The artist appeared in the form of a seventeen-year-old psychopath, who is eager to kill human beings from the killing of squirrels and rats. But the young man appears romantic feelings for a classmate Alice.

As a result, the young man gets involved in the search for the father of a naughty girl who had long left Alice’s mother and daughter. The role of the beloved hero embodied Jessica Barden. The series has earned high ratings from the audience. But since the story of the heroes is over, the continuation is not planned.

2017 became effective for the artist. In addition to “The Circus of Freaks” and “The End of the **** of the World”, Alex appeared in the drama “Howards End” and in the horror film “Bloody Massacre: Absorbing the Past”.

Personal life

Some people think that Alex hides his personal life because he is a representative of the homosexual. Lowther himself does not comment on this question.

Alex is keen on kayaking and in his free time, he moves along the turbulent flow of the Camden Gateway in London. The artist gives a lot of money to buy literature, as well as going to the theater and cinema.

The young man does not use social networks. The actor has no official pages on Instagram, Twitter and popular Britan, Snapchat. But Alex has an army of fans who run a fan blog on Instagram, where they post personal photos of the actor and photos from the shooting.

Alex Lauter’s favorite film actor is Ben Wishaw, famous for his paintings “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, “Cloud Atlas” and others. Alex is often compared with Wishaw. The growth of the actor is 173 cm, weight – 65 kg.

Alex Lowther Now
Alex Lauter has a busy schedule now. He received a role in the movie “Farewell, Christopher Robin” about the creator of Winnie the Pooh. The picture was published in 2017. Alex played the same Christopher Robin, who became the prototype of a hero from a fairy tale. The film tells about the relationship between Alan Milne and her son, and about the harm that a sudden glory brought to the child.

The horror film “The Ghost Story” will be released in March 2018. We are also working on the thriller “Translators”. The creator of the film was Regis Rainsar. In addition to Lowther, Olga Kurylenko is involved in the movie.

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