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Born in Emitiville Alec Baldwin (New York) April 3, 1958. As a youth, Baldwin of the career of the actor did not even care, she started accidentally. As a student at George Washington University, Baldwin decided to earn money as an extra during the filming of the television series “The Clinic in Texas” (1982), during the filming of which he was advised to change his profession and, noting his naturalness and photogenic. Alec took the advice of more than seriously. He moved to New York and enrolled at New York University on the faculty of drama. Education at the University combined with work in television, where he played in various television series. 1986 Baldwin highly successful debut on Broadway.
The big movie actor makes his debut in the film “Lou forever” (1987) Amos Kollek. For this role, followed by a few supporting roles in films: “She is a child” (1988), “Beetlejuice” (1988), “Married to the Mob” (1988), “Business Woman” (1988), “radio talks” (1988) … a chance to show themselves in the best actor gave George Armitage, giving him the lead role in his film “Miami blues” (1990). Baldwin realized this chance at a hundred percent, brilliant game, drawing the attention of producers and film critics.
Around the same time in rolling out a picture of “The Hunt for Red October” (1990). In the picture, grossed over $ 200 million, before the audience appeared a new Alec Baldwin – an intellectual and intelligent, possessing great physical strength, something akin to Indiana Jones. It is this role does Baldwin Hollywood star of the first magnitude.
Top acting and variety shows and receptions, Baldwin starring heroic lovers. Timid and gentle fan of Alice in the eponymous film by Woody Allen (1990), the complete opposite of the aggressive and arrogant wife in the film “The Marrying Man” (1991). Behind these roles, followed by the title role in the film “Prelude to a Kiss” (1992) and a small, but very memorable, in the movie “The Americans” (1992). Having played two more starring roles in the films “ready for anything” (1993) and “On the run” (1994), Baldwin returned to New York University to complete their training, which combines with the shooting of the film “Shadow” (1994) .
August 19, 1993 Alec Baldwin married the famous Hollywood actress Kim Basinger in which, according to the actor, he fell in love at first sight in 1991 during their joint work in the film “The Marrying Man”. The marriage lasted until 2001.
The most notable pictures with the actor, released in theaters before the end of the nineties, are: “Tram” Desire “(1995),” Heaven’s Prisoners “(1996),” Ghosts of Mississippi “(1996),” Juror “(1996),” Mercury in danger “(1998), as well as a small historical series” Nuremberg “(2000), in which Baldwin starred.
At the beginning of the new millennium actor “lit up” in the superhit “Pearl Harbor” (2001) in the role of Colonel James H. Doolittle, and in 2003 received his first and only nomination for “Oscar” for best supporting role. Having played a few minor roles in Greatest Hits: “Along Came Polly” (2004), “The Aviator” (2004) and “The Departed” (2006), his debut as a director with a picture of “The Devil and Daniel Webster” (2007), in which It plays a major role, along with Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The painting was completed in 2004, however, due to some financial problems, the picture output in the rental became available only in 2007.
Despite the fact that the best years of Alec Baldwin as the actor seems to have behind the termination of an acting career, and he does not think.

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