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To begin with let’s deal with labels. Act of War – uncomplicated original thoughts clone of Command & Conquer: Generals, until a familiar interface and a pleasant female voice announcing the emergence of a new crowd of enemies. Copying other people’s ideas – a bad habit, but one must admit: in Eugen Systems employs surprisingly diligent scribes.

System requirements
Pentium 4 / Athlon XP 1.5 GHz
256 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
6 GB hard drive
Pentium 4 / Athlon XP 2.5 GHz
512 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 128 MB of memory
6 GB hard drive

The “generals” had everything except the plot. Clicking mission timers wistfully recalled the charismatic Kane, popular science films about the dangers of Tiberium and horrible scene of poisoning Stalin tea. The era of full-screen video over the closing day of Westwood Pacific, giving way to the screen saver on the engine.
Eugen Systems is far from wizards of Las Vegas, but they try. Since I do a dashing fighter of the war of the XXI century, something on a grand scale. The consultants took Dale Brown (Dale Brown), moonlighting on the same field as the maestro Clancy (Tom Clancy), but to shoot a movie in a row SWAT Films studio and sat down at least one next Uwe Boll (Uwe Boll).
Storyline Act of War, as befits a real techno-thriller is new depths of idiocy at that moment, when you think that the writers have run out of stocks of Datura-grass. On the bridge, “Golden Gate” was formed a serious traffic jam – it is military equipment, delivered villains in San Francisco on the sea, erupts in the city. Russian oil tycoon threatening to blow up the planet, rattling nuclear weapons, captured somewhere in the Vologda region. Among the Egyptian pyramids dart stealth tanks, infantry in the exoskeleton and miniature reconnaissance unit. Orbiting satellites with Ebola virus, nanotechnology, beyond fiction, a string of bombers over Washington …
In general, the shaped trash “E” category. Actors who understand why they were invited, together outperform in every way making fun of pathetic scenario. Meet charming radio operator, a brave commander of a strong-willed chin unshaven and slippery domestic oligarchs. For the complete collection of stamps lacks Arab terrorists with wild eyes. Out skit very worthy, but the effects on the money is not enough – the most interesting episodes are made on the engine.
Number of inserts for an hour of gameplay is breaking all records. They interrupt the passage of the mission almost no more than advertising – featuring fresh blockbuster on ORT, threatening to turn the game into an interactive application to the rollers. In such a comparison, and suggests menu “Heads”, made in the style of movies DVD-editions.
The range of the opposing sides surprises. In an effort to escape from China and the Middle East, the authors have created a whole two Americas. The first – the usual US Army, relying on traditional means. She is opposed to the Russian consortium in possession, in addition to the T80, Mi-35, “Tunguska” and APCs have electromagnetic guns, unthinkable “stealth” -Development and deadly space platform.
Both camps are powered by oil and electricity. In addition, Act of War generously rewards the soldiers capture a foreign army. Wounded or frightened soldiers (they include and downed pilots) patiently sitting on the ground, if prowl nearby enemy infantry. If the same “clean beach”, they will be able to return home.
To press or shoot them is not necessary – 10 prisoners, locked in a special annexe continually provide up to $ 500 (plus a one-time bonus for the capture of the “language”!). Of course, loaded with “black gold” tractor brings much more “catch”, but the deposit run out of steam at the wrong time.
Party number three (or number two America) – shock group «Task Force Talon», equipped with the latest military science. She does not need electricity, and spy planes and tanks well do without pilots. The price paid for high-tech – no really strong units (armored warriors from the series S.H.I.E.L.D. steep only at first glance), and biting rates.
The campaign, by the way, only one. Nearly twenty missions in a row we Rides harmful millionaire across countries and continents, switching between “Claws” and regular units of the US Army. “Bad boys” got shish oil – ditching a lot of money on voice acting and video, Atari did not dare to double the budget of the project.
Act of War has brought to mind the idea of taking a building, which first appeared in Red Alert 2, – entrenched in the house, if necessary, submachine independently run across to the adjacent wall, changing the angle of view, and on the roofs of duty snipers and people with bazookas. “Mopping up” residential neighborhood, packed with such teams, – long and dangerous business.
However, the computer almost took the opportunity to occupy tactically advantageous height. Veterans of the C & C: Generals can easily twist to the complexity of the «Very Hard», otherwise they will die from lack of – is so easily pass the local mission. AI, showing sharp teeth in a “skirmish” and network skirmishes in the “single” encased in plaster scripting. a variety of jobs, the banal “rendered base” is uncommon, and thanks for that. Would aggressive opponents and melodies in the spirit of early Frank Klepacki (Frank Klepacki) instead of monotonous pompous orchestrations – would leave a decent show.
Funny pictures
Fortunately, visual imagery to features. Act of War – one of the few RTS, which can withstand closer inspection vicinity. Graphics – are the true honor, dignity and conscience of this game.
Remember stunning screenshots that accompanied the news with the announcement of the first? We are in for once not deceived. Slide the camera to the ground, and you will see a rickety fence around the village council building, flowers near the pond with lovely water, someone’s jeans on the clothesline, waving the Russian flag and granite slab with a stern reminder: “V. Lenin – the creator and organizer of the Red Army. ”
All flaunt self-shadowing – from the huge electricity pylon to red payphone booths in the British capital, and polygon shutters on the windows of the Vologda wooden hut. Take a look at the gallery and you’ll see that it is thanks to them that the world of Act of War looks so tangible. Reinforces the impression of high-quality textures, tons of art scattered debris and destroyed thousands of little things.
The battle in the city after a few seconds turns into a performance J.-M. Jarre. The streets of stunning beauty bloom explosions, buildings are falling apart into pieces, spitting glass and concrete chips and crippled helicopter tumbles in a cloud of burning fuel and then falls to the playground. Aloe haze of fire and thick black smoke and then dim the screen, making it difficult to control the actions of the wards, but it is a nuisance and can tolerate – the beautiful!
And yet there are good trees and bushes. There is a reason to fill a glass of champagne – finally in the RTS learned to properly draw impressive forests! Eli, palm trees, linden and other greens bring practical benefits – a detachment of marines, who escaped the barrel, it becomes invisible to the enemy and gets a double bonus to damage. Handful of such “partisan”, entrenched in advance around the bases, spoil the opponent a lot of blood before he will think to drive into the thicket of the platoon “Paladins”.
Finally, the piece de resistance … no, not the ruins of the White House, although they are pretty darn good, and the scene on Udomlinskoy (sic!) Nuclear power plant and oil plant in Egypt. Huge tanks, serpentine coils and pipes glittering giant, with a quarter of the screen, filtration systems inspire awe in size and abundance of polygons spent on their shiny sides.
But even here, in the realm of giants, the authors left no place for thin strokes. Beating another attack on the unit, I noticed a small building, is packed full of hundreds of outrageous pair of rounded barrels of nuclear waste. It seems nonsense, but nice.
Technique and infantry special thrill not cause – the model is about the qualities were in Generals, – but take a number, and to scale. Twenty fighters in the exoskeleton, a dozen “Comanche” and several commando units – a common phenomenon in the multiplayer battle. At the same 1024×768 rendering speed is kept at a high level (except for rare moments when engine loads the individual map tiles).
To the camera, and C & C-shaped interface, no complaints – the buttons laid out in the best tradition of what is known, and allowed to rotate the panorama. Another would be to raise the “ceiling”, so Tver flats not scratch the glass roofs of the monitor …
Imitation – the best form of flattery
Despite the blatant secondary and absurd attempts to make a comedy of techno-thriller, Act of War – a good entertainment on some evenings. Eugen Systems product is taken not by the mind, and appearance. Do not think more than two seconds over the crazy story, smartly wiggle “mouse” and open your eyes wider. Massage it does not hurt.

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