2012 Fisker Karma Desktop wallpaper

2012 Fisker Karma

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Exclusive model from Fisker Automotive was initially conceived as a “hybrid” and well played trump cards. So, the massive lithium-ion batteries placed on the chassis is extremely low and approximately in the middle of the wheelbase. Thereby achieved the correct “weight distribution” axis – the key to road holding and handling. Gasoline 2-liter 16-klapannym D1 Ecotec from GM installed in the front. Cars “premium” class with 4-cylinder engine; a rare curiosity. However, it is not the number of cylinders; with direct injection of fuel into the combustion chambers, turbocharging and “intercooler” Ecotec develops up to 265 HP (SAE “net”). Does not seem enough, but the real potential of the hybrid powertrain is still much higher.
Mechanical connection with the driving wheels D. V. S. no: he turns a powerful alternator, the supply side of the traction e-set. That is, the power unit Q-Drive from Quantum Technologies built on the “consistent” pattern: traction alternator charges the battery and feeds the leading e-motors. 2 (both in the 150 kW/204 HP) – rear axle in place of the main transmission. Every rotates your wheel, so the need for a differential disappeared. In other words, the layout of the Fisker Karma at the 2012 “classic”: front engine, rear drive wheels. But the longitudinal driveshaft is missing. Only power cables – based on high voltage and a very big current.
Here rare free hand to designers (which they have used 100). Although it’s not just in the layout; a pair of e-motors provides a fine metering of torque (electronics) – separately at each of the drive wheels. At the limit of adhesion to the running surface and control the “yaw” of the car under heavy acceleration and quick turns. Again, the road holding and handling – we are talking about a sports sedan.
Q-Drive works – at the choice of the driver in one of 2 modes: eco-friendly Stealth Mode and dynamic Sport Mode. In Stealth Mode, the Fisker Karma is one of the e-thrust (without any emissions) up to 80 km. And in Sport Mode periodically connects Ecotec – charging the battery or under heavy acceleration. The total mileage of up to 480 km; you can go pretty far.
Karma is available in 3 versions: EcoBase, EcoSport and EcoChic. The difference is mainly in the decorating materials: interior padding in the most expensive version EcoChic from natural textile Bamboo Viscose – without using animal skins. Whereas in the EcoSport trim seat leather, but made from 100% recycled raw materials without losses and waste. And say, veneer finishes for the front panel is made exclusively from dead trees. In any case, according to statements in press releases Fisker Automotive; such a philosophy.
Units and components of the Fisker Karma 2012 is collected on the supporting structure of aluminum alloy, light and hard. The body panel is also of high strength lightweight materials – including carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Karma – full size passenger car (length – 4987 mm wheelbase mm 3160), set low over the road. At the height of some 1330 mm (because transmission does not interfere with) the car has a baggy track – 1689/1720 mm. “Formulaic” aspect ratio: along with a low center of gravity they promise a “hybrid” exceptional driving performance.
According to the manufacturer in Stealth Mode the sports sedan is capable of accelerating from zero to 96.5 km/h (60 mph) in 7.5 seconds. Declared maximum speed – 153 km/h. In Sport Drive acceleration to 96.5 km/h is improved to a great 5,8 sec. maximum speed – 200 km/h.

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