1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Pictures

1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

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The third generation Camaro cars got more modern, rapid form. Dual headlights and roofline – bright emphasized design trends of the time. Only the back part is reminiscent of famous ancestors.
In the car, on the sides and back, a badge with the words “IROC”. Heard the most fantastic of its decoding, to the point that the machine is named in honor of the Iroquois. Actually IROC (International Race Of Champions) is an American series of touring car racing, like NASCAR. Chevrolet has become a sponsor of this series in 1985 and received the right to produce the same version of the Camaro, which was done in the same year. (Initially, the label was only pointing out a set of options to modify the Camaro Z28, but over time the “settled” version of miles – Camaro IROC – IROC-Z).
At the end of the term of the contract with the International Race Of Champions Chevrolet has lost the right to use the name IROC, and he ended exactly on 31 December 1989
From 1987 the car was the engine L98 5.7 L V8 paired with a automatic transmission.
Also you can order engine – 305TPI (Tuned Port Injection), the so-called “small block” Chevrolet, leading his descent from the fifties. For this reason, it is quite rare in our days the bottom location of the camshaft. This V-shaped eight volume of five liters, which in the standard version has an output of 230 HP at 4200 rpm./min. (305TPI Engine – not the most powerful Camaro, it is slightly inferior to the 5.7 l 350TPI motor, but the mechanical box of the vehicle, in the 1990 model year was only able to be included with the “small block”). However, 230 HP this motor is not the limit, it is easy to boost. And version the 1LE is by definition more powerful than the “standard”, up to 260 HP
For such machines, it is natural to have a rear-wheel drive, but continuous beam with gear of a pair we have not seen on cars, not to mention sports cars. Longitudinal forces are transmitted long rodding American style, and as the elastic elements of the rear suspension employs coil springs, however, I would not be surprised and springs. Front, things are better – here we use independent suspension on the wishbone. Front and rear have stabilizer bars.

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