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Film description Zootopia (2016): Judy babe always wanted to be a police officer in Zveropolise. But the desire hare did not support the mom and dad. They believed that their kind there is only one decent profession – the collector of carrots. Yet Judy Hopps did not give up. When she grew up, then I went to enroll in the police academy Zveropolisa. Above the little student, many laughed – usually law enforcement officers became more powerful animals. But Judy was able to show at the final examination results are excellent. Soon the young hare handed police badge. I did it myself Leodor Zlatogriv – Mayor Zveropolisa. He invited the representative of the first kind of hare to join the ranks of law enforcement officers guarding the huge city. Judy was happy – but her first impression of colleagues turned a little intimidating. In his heart a little hare talking instincts that urged not to trust predators. But Judy tried not to pay attention to it – now it will always be surrounded by colleagues with claws and fangs. Buyvolson captain gave the newcomer the simplest task – Hopps was to monitor whether the drivers parked their cars and to prescribe penalties violators correctly. Young zaychiha bit upset about the fact that she was not entrusted to more complex tasks. But she knew – her fate to catch real criminals, and soon Judy volunteered independently to reveal difficult thing about the abduction of residents Zveropolisa. Captain little doubt the ability of the young person, but still allowed her to investigate. Hare required to meet one crook to get information from him. Fox Nick Wilde initially did not want to help Judy, but then it was conquered and persistence of a young police. Cooperation between the two animals, which are initially enemies of each other, has yielded positive results. Judy Hopps soon learned that the abduction of predators is party to this conspiracy that threatens the peace and tranquility of all citizens Zveropolisa. Will the doe-hare and foxes not to implement his plan of evil? Believe it or not other animals according to this unusual couple? Is Judy prove that the rabbits as well, despite its small growth and strength as well as predators are able to disclose serious crimes?

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