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Date of birth: December 1 (Sagittarius) 1988

Place of birth: Los Angeles

We can say that the fate of the actress Zoya Kravitz was predetermined. After all, she was born in a creative family, and hereditary creative. Her father is the famous singer Lenny Kravitz, and her mother is a famous model. One of the grandfathers is a producer, the other is an opera singer. And the grandmother is an actress. Of course, Zoe could not imagine her life without creativity.

Biography of Zoe Kravitz

The girl’s parents divorced when she was only 5. At first, Zoe lived with her mother, but at 11 she moved to her father. Lenny gave her daughter a lot of attention, he became her best friend. Zoe says that even now her father is the closest person to her.
As a teenager, Zoe began having health problems. She suffered from bulimia and anorexia. And then friends suggested the girl to create a musical group. After all, the reason for such diseases is purely psychological, which means that a bright new hobby will definitely help to get rid of the illness. Zoe agreed.

The LolaWolf group quickly became popular, although it did not sign a contract with well-known labels. The first album took a good position in chat rooms. And this is not surprising, since Miley Cyrus and the famous rapper A $ AP Rocky took part in its creation. Perhaps it was the influence of Zoe’s father, or perhaps the stars really wanted to help the young talented group.
The girl tried herself in the modeling business. Zoe Kravitz photo appeared on the pages of ELLE, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair. And in 2009, she advertised Vera Wong Princess perfume and clothes from Alexander Wong.
In 2007, the girl first appeared in a movie. Zoe Kravitz’s debut film was “Taste of Life”. Then there were a few more projects. Of course, these were not top blockbusters. But the girl had a chance to work with such stars as Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Smith, Jodie Foster, Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan. Among the projects were very high quality. The drama “The Best” critics rated very highly.
But still the glory of Zoe brought another project. Based on the plot of the comic book franchise “X-Men” is incredibly popular. And participation in such a project immediately made Zoe a star. Moreover, her character was one of the brightest and most attractive.
Soon Kravitz was invited to another promising project. The film “Divirgent” really liked the audience, and after the first part of the film followed the second, and then the third.

Zoe Kravitz’s personal life

Zoe had many bright novels. In 2008, she met with Ben Foster. But already in 2009, Ben was replaced by Andrew Wanningardin, the frontman of MGMT. In 2010, the media leaked information about the novel Kravitz and Ezra Miller. The young man was her partner on the set.
Then there was a short passion for the recognized handsome Michael Fassbender. But it lasted exactly the same as the work on the “X-Men.” Already in 2011, Kravitz met with Penn Badgley, but after two years this relationship was exhausted.
Now Zoe has an affair with George Lewis Jr. How long this relationship will last can only be assumed.

The latest news about Zoe Kravitz

The most striking projects of recent years for Kravitz were the insurgent Mad Max and the fantasy Fantastic Beasts and Their Habitats. Zoe is shot in the 4th part of “Divirgenta”. The public will see the film in 2017. In 2018, the release of the second part of the Fantastic Beasts is planned. And if in the first film Zoe had only a cameo role, then in the second her character will appear on the screen much more often.

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