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In 2004 was released the movie “the Fearless stand-in”. This documentary was primarily focused on Zoe and the old woman-stuntman Jenny Appear. She talked about their hard work in Hollywood
Zoe bell was born on 17 November 1978, in New Zealand, in the family of doctors. Her mother Tish bell was a nurse, and father Andrew bell, a doctor. Zoe has a younger brother, Jake. She grew up on the island of Waiheke in Auckland. From an early age Zoe has participated in gymnastics event, and at fifteen began to study Taekwondo. She also studied dance, scuba diving and athletics. Bell studied at the “Auckland secondary school for girls” and “Celinska College”
Zoe’s career started in 1992 when her father treated a stuntman with a head injury, brought her his phone number. Her first stunt was to jump out of a car in the new Zealand soap Opera “Street Shortland”.
She performed stunts in the films “Hercules: the Legendary journeys” and “Xena: Princess Warrior” (in some Russian translations of “Xena: warrior Princess”). Both films were filmed in New Zealand. The fourth season of “Xena: Princess Warrior”, Zoe became the personal stunt double to Lucy lawless, the female lead role. She broke his spine, performing trick, but continued to work during the week, while the trick with the broken chair on the back brought her down. After Xena, she worked in numerous small films, sometimes the stunt coordinator and also played a small role in the short film “Reflections with Adrienne Wilkinson” (she previously worked on Xena). Zoe continued acting and was a stand-in uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill bill”, although initially she was hired as a stunt-double. Later, Tarantino realized that Zoe is ideal for her fight scenes, and make them beautiful. She had to learn to fight in the Wushu style, and learned. Near the end of filming,she broke several ribs and damaged ligaments in the wrists recreating the flight back after the shotgun shot (a scene from “Kill bill, Chapter 2,” the bad shoots with salt in the Black Mamba, (editor’s note)). Zoey needed surgery and several months for full recovery. After the shooting she gave the props a sign that says “Bella”. She later gave it to his parents.
Her work so impressed Quentin Tarantino that he gave her a role in his new film “death Proof”. Zoe played herself and she performed all the stunts, the most famous of which travel on the hood of the car Dodge Challenger 1970 (while driving the car with Zoe clipped and rammed another car (editor’s note)). After proof’s death, she worked on the stunts in the film “Catwoman”, dubbing Sharon stone and performing a fall from a great height.
In 2004 was released the movie “the Fearless stand-in”. This documentary was primarily focused on Zoe and the old woman-stuntman Jenny Appear. She talked about their hard work in Hollywood. The film was described by both sides, stuntmen, drawing on the experience of EPPER and bell and their job search, as well as a new stunt, trying to get to work in the movie. The film “Fearless Understudy” covered the career of Zoe with the end of the series Xena, before beginning work on the film “to Kill bill Chapter 1”.
In the same 2004, Zoe bell and Angela Meryl (understudy Vivica A. Fox) was nominated for a “Taurus World Stunt Awards” in the category “Best stunt stunt-women,” and “Best Fight.”, backstage fight with knives in the film “to Kill bill Chapter 1”. In 2005 Zoe was nominated in the category “Best stunt stunt-women,” “Best Fight” and “Best Drop From a Great Height”. She and Monica Staggs (understudy Hannah Daryll) won in the nomination “the Best stunt of stunt-women,” for a fight in the trailer Bud in the movie “Kill bill 2”. It was nominated for “Best Drop From a Great Height”, drop more than 200 feet in the movie “Catwoman”.
In 2007, Zoe has confirmed the rumors that she will play a major role in the film about an American soldier who after returning from Iraq helps the girl solve the problems. She stated that she will do all the stunts herself, in a yet untitled film, and that her accent was a big problem. In 2009 Zoe bell will play the role in the movie “the Game” with Gerald Butler in the title role. Later, the painting was renamed to “Gamer”.
Bell was a guest star in the fourth season of “Lost”(LOST), performing the role of radio operator Regina. She stated that the role needed to work out and perform some stunts. Zoe has appeared on screen in episode 7 of season 4 of the series “JI-EON”.
In 2008, Zoe has played a major role, along with his colleague Xenu – Lucy lawless in the web series angel of Death which was shown on the network in early 2009.
She also played a medical technician who moonlights at night, acting under the nickname “Bloody Holly” in Derby on roller skates, in 2009, the debut directing drew Barrymore, “Whip it”. Later, in 2010, she, along with Wesley Snipes starred in the Thriller Italian Director Giorgio Serafini “Deadly Game”.

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