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Zendaya: Biography
Zendaya Marie Coleman – American actress, singer, designer. Since childhood, the girl collaborates with the Disney company, starred in films, and recorded soundtracks. Fame came to Zendae after the release of the film “Spider-Man: Returning Home”.

Childhood and youth
On the territory of Auckland, in California, on September 1, 1996, actress Zendaya appeared. Parents of the girl are Claire Sttermer and Casebe Ajam. Most of the time Zendaya was in the California Theater. Shakespeare, located in Orinda. Here, the girl’s mother worked as a theater manager.

Since childhood, the actress is in love with the theater, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that Zendaya got into the student’s theater program, no. The girl participated in performances from childhood, later helped parents to seat the guests, sold lottery tickets.

Zendaya received her professional education at the Auckland School of Art. At this time, the actress tried herself on stage. The girl got the role of Ti Maun in the musical “Once Upon a Time on this Island”. Unusual experience associated with the school theater. In the production of “Caroline, or Change” Zendae was entrusted to play a guy named Joe.

Later, the actress was at the California Shakespeare Theater Conservatory and American Conservatory Theater. Here the girl was trained in acting and improved it in the performances of “How do you like it”, “The Twelfth Night”, “Richard the Third”.

Zendai’s professional biography began with a model career. The girl has model parameters – an unusual appearance and height of 178 cm. The actress participated in the campaigns of Macy’s, Mervyns and Old Navy. Selena Gomez starred in the Sears commercial. In 2009, the model was noticed by the producers of the series “Dance Fever”. Zendaya successfully passed the test, after which the girl was invited to the project. The heroine of the actress was the dancer Rocky Blue.

Love at Zendai was manifested in theatrical and cinema art, but at a young age the girl sang with pleasure with her father. Later, singing talent began to be implemented at a higher level. In particular, in 2011, Zendaya introduced the song “Swag It Out”. After that, she decided to cooperate with Bella Thorn. Collaboration led to the filming of several shorts.

In 2012, Disney invites the novice actress to one of the roles in the film “Sworn Friends”. Together with the other guys, Zendaya begins work on the soundtracks for the tape. In September, the girl signed an important career contract with Hollywood Records. A year later, the actress is attracted to the shooting of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” Zendai’s partner was Val Chmerkovsky. The girl’s natural plasticity and dancer’s experience helped the couple to stay just a step away from victory.

Despite her young age, the style of the actress is of interest among young people, so the producers of the talk show “Top Model in American Style” invited Zendai as a judge. In September 2013, the artist presented the world community a debut album, named after her. Here the girl collected a few singles that conveyed attitudes and emotions.

The breakthrough for the Zendai film industry was the work in the movie “Spiderman: Returning Home.” The actress was approved for the role of the classmate of the main character Peter Parker (Tom Holland). The shooting started in the summer of 2016, in the territory of Georgia.

Michelle Jones, performed by Zendai, appeared before the audience as a gifted and intelligent schoolgirl. The girl does not like to communicate with people, considering it optional. A high school student is in love with Peter’s classmate, but Georgia has no obsession with him. The official premiere of “Spider-Man” was held in June 2017.

Personal life
The girl resides in her own home, located in Los Angeles. The cost of real estate experts estimated at 1.4 million dollars. On the territory of the site lives pet Zendai – dog named Moonlight. Shortly before the appearance of a new animal, the singer Midnight dog passed away.

The girl does not eat meat and considers herself a vegetarian. Constantly engaged in sports to maintain shape in shape. In addition to filming and recording singles, he devotes time to designing youth clothing and writing books.

On the set of Spider-Man, Zendaya met Tom Holland, who is popular with teenagers. Young people immediately became friends, and in the media there was information about the romance of actors. The guys do not confirm this, citing friendships, but fans of artists continue to wonder: her boyfriend is Holland or not.

“Beloved Ones” decided to make fun of journalists a little. Zendaya posted a message on Twitter that said she hadn’t been on vacation for many years.

This was a response to publications in the press, which reported on the joint holiday Holland and Zendai. Tom decided to clarify: “And the press tour is considered?”.

The girl publishes photos from advertising campaigns, shooting films, recordings of singles and friendly parties in Instagram.

Zendaya now
Now Zendaya continues to work in various fields, including the music and film industry. In the coming years, the actress is scheduled to release several tapes, including one cartoon, where the girl will voice the heroine. According to unconfirmed information, the leaders of the project “Spiderman” want to invite Zendai to shoot the next part of the film.

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