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Date of Birth: April 6, 1975
Zodiac: Aries
Oriental horoscope: Rabbit
Place of Birth: Sauze Orange, United States
Activities: Actor
Weight: 72 kg
Height: 182 cm
Biography Zach Braff
Zach Braff – a bright American actor, whose name is inextricably linked with the popular TV series “The Clinic”. He played the role of eccentric Dr. John Michael Dorian, a talented American was the real star of the film overseas, and got a lot of personal fans.
Currently, he is at the peak of its popularity. And because the story of his career and the fate is particularly relevant. Well, let’s not waste time – we start.
The early years, childhood and family Zach Braff
The future actor was born in a small village called Sauze Orange in the family, which is not much different from all the others. His father – Hal Braff – worked as a lawyer and taught law at one of the American universities. Mom future actor was a representative of a family of Polish Jews. Almost all his life she worked as a clinical psychologist. When our hero today was not yet ten years old his parents divorced, and subsequently created a new family.
Our today’s hero was the youngest child in the family. His two older brothers today are also working in the field of cinema (mostly – as the writers). Sister – engaged in the modeling business.
However, we will not be as detailed focus on the family comedian …
From an early age, our today’s hero is engaged in the secondary school in Maplewood. Here he spent his emergence as a full-fledged personality. Here he began to take its first steps in the art. So, for several years, he has regularly participated in various school productions, and in high school began to take an active part in the activities of the local teenage TV stations.
As recognized by Zach Braff himself in his later interviews, the dream of an acting career was strong in him since childhood. That is why once upon a time he first appeared on the school stage, and subsequently decided to enter the Northwestern University of Illinois. At this point, the future actor was trained from 1993 to 1997-th year. During this period, the actor played his first role on television, having featured in the comedy project “Special school holidays,” “nannies Club” and some others.
Star Trek Zach Braff, filmography and film career
After receiving a Bachelor of Arts, the actor went to New York, where he joined the local community theater. At this stage the future hero of the series “The Clinic” played in productions of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and “12 Nights”.
This was followed by occasional role in some new pictures. So in the filmography of our today’s hero appeared the films “Manhattan Murder Mystery,” “Blue Moon,” “Getting to Know You,” “Broken Hearts Club”, “Endsvil” and some others. In 2001, the young actor was casting channel ABC and was thus a major role in the comedy series “The Clinic”. From that moment began a new chapter in Zach Braff’s career.
Indicated comedy series became very popular. The story of the life of young doctors captured audiences across the world and very soon brought its creators a huge success. Along with the popularity of the project and popularity came to Zach Braff. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively actor was nominated for a Golden Globe Award, but so never and have not received the coveted award. Somewhat more successful it was for Zach Braff nominated for an Emmy Award. This award is still found its hero.
Returning back a little, we note that the actor was active during the filming of “The Clinic” series to create other projects. So, from 2001, was marked in such brilliant comedies like “The Last Kiss” in 2010 is Zach, “The Ex”, as well as in the dramatic film “The High Cost of Living.”
Special mention deserves the romance “Garden State,” to create that Zach Braff has also worked as a screenwriter and director. According to some information, this scenario was written by a famous actor in his youth, and implemented until many years later. In 2005, the year this picture was nominated for many different awards and earned its creator “Grammy”, “Independent Spirit” prize “US critics of the National Council” and many other awards. Some of them got Zack as an actor, and others – as the director of the tape.
Zach Braff is now
In 2010, the creators of “The Clinic” series announced that the production of the project will be terminated. However, with the end of such a significant stage in the career of the actor’s roles, its scope does not decreased. In 2011, the year Zach Braff played a cameo role in the comedy series “Former,” and then turned again to the big cinema. In 2012, our today’s hero played a major role in the dramatic film “Tar”, showing the entire cinematic community that can be successful and is organic in both comedy and drama genre.
At the moment, the last major role in the career of an actor is a fantasy Hollywood blockbuster “Oz The Great and Powerful”. Having fulfilled the role of a strange monkey Finley, the actor once again appeared before the audience in the familiar comic roles.
Currently, the actor is busy working simultaneously on two new projects. Paintings “Sorry, I’m not here” and “Open Hearts” should come out in theaters in 2014.
Life of Zack Braff
At different times in the American press there were reports of several novels, famous comedian. For example, it is known that during the filming of the picture “Garden State” actor met with singer Bonnie Samervil, who performed one of the songs of capital for this film. However, the union did not last long.
Subsequently, while Zach Braff was in a romantic relationship with actress Mandy Moore ( “Clinic”, “A Walk to Remember”). This novel has been more prolonged, but ultimately also could not stand the test of time.
Life of Zack Braff swing
In the summer of 2007 it became known that the new mistress of the popular actor became an actress Shiri Appleby. The relationship with her was interrupted due to a busy schedule of filming the two celebrities.
Currently Zach Braff is a love relationship with a famous model Taylor Bagley. Like in the movies, in real life, a close friend of our today’s hero is actor Donald Faison.

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