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Name: Yuri Gagarin
Date of birth: 9 March 1934
Age: 34 years
Date of death: 27 Mar 1968
Place of birth: village of Klushino
Height: 165
Activity: pilot-cosmonaut, hero of the Soviet Union
Marital status: was married to Valentina Goryacheva
Yuri Gagarin: a biography
Yuri Gagarin was born in the village of Klushino in the Western region of the USSR, in the family of prosperous peasants. The boy was the third of four children. Yura’s childhood was calm and happy, father and mother pay much attention to him. In particular, Alexei Ivanovich, the head of the family, did a lot of crafts out of wood and attached to the children.
In 6 years, Yuri went to school, but managed to finish only the first class before the Great Patriotic war. German troops seized part of the territory of the USSR, they came up to Klushino, so that the work of many public institutions, including schools, stopped. Becoming a famous person, Yuri chose never to speak of the dark times of the occupation. It is known that the German soldiers drove the family Gagarin out of the house and, departing, took with them the youth as prisoners of war. So took his brother and sister.
In 1943 Klushino was released, and shortly after the war, the Gagarins moved to Gzhatsk, where the boy continued his studies. Yuri was a very capable and inquisitive young man, was engaged in many activities ranging from music to photography.
After Gagarin graduated from the 6 classes, he decided to move to Moscow, as I felt too cramped in the small town. My parents tried to dissuade ambitious young man, but was unable to do so. So, in 1949, 15 years tions Gagarin moved to the capital.
The teenager lived with relatives and studied at a vocational school, while the program in seventh grade at the school for working youth. Meanwhile, a young Gagarin was fond of basketball and soon became captain of the team. In 1951, the young man moved to Saratov, where he began to study at the industrial College. During the study was the first acquaintance of Yuri with the sky.
In 1954 Gagarin came to the club avialyubiteley where including read reports of the founding fathers of Astronautics. After listening to calculations Tsiolkovsky, the young man fell in love with the idea of flying outside of the Earth, although could hardly imagine then what will be his passion. The following year, Gagarin graduated from the College, in parallel, the young man continued to be in the club avialyubiteley and has managed to independently carry out several flights in the small training plane.
A few months after future astronaut graduated, he was called on passage of military service at the military aviation school Chkalov. There Gagarin was a serious conflict that almost cost a young man his life. Gagarin, appointed assistant platoon commander, was extremely strict on the part of discipline, which, of course, did not mind his fellow students. One night, he was caught and severely beaten, after which the young man was in the hospital for a month before I could return to service. It is noteworthy that this incident did not break the morale, the attitude to trust he has not changed.
Student Gagarin easily cope with any tasks except the landing. The apparatus was constantly nodding off, and due to the fact that requirements for students was extremely strict, it was decided to deduct Gagarin.
The young man, even though without the sky of his life, has been to put an end to his career, but at this point, the head of school, who haunted the mysterious failure best student, drew attention to the small stature of the boy and suggested that it is because of this problem, it has problems with the viewing angle during landing. Gagarin was given another chance, before flight put on the seat lining, increase the height of the seat. The assumption was correct.
In 1957, Yuri Gagarin graduated from College and began serving in the Murmansk region.
In 1959, Gagarin was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, received the title of military pilot 1st class. Then, at the state level was enshrined in the resolution on the search and selection of candidates for flight outside of the Earth. Hearing this, the pilot wrote to the management report, where requested to enroll him as a candidate. After numerous inspections Gagarin was approved as one of 20 of estimated future astronauts. In March 1960 he started training.
Despite the tough competition, Gagarin has managed to win the sympathy of even his rivals. Reliable, strong and friendly boy not jealous of anyone, no one is considered better or worse than himself, and that was evident in his behavior and manner of speech. Astronaut easily took the initiative, worked hard and with pleasure.
Gagarin loved the sky and was given to the class as a whole, on the rest he just didn’t have time. As a result, anonymous issue held among the candidates for cosmonauts, a large part is called the Gagarin as a person, the most suitable for the first flight into space. Despite the fact that the pilot was not a leader in any field of training, the combination of skills, personality traits, and psychological stability he was recognized perfectly adapted for space travel.
In 1961, due to rivalry with the United States was a necessity, as soon as possible to finally decide on the candidate and to fly high at the beginning of the second decade of April, as there was information that on 20 April, plans to launch an American rocket with a human on Board. Among the three leaders as the first cosmonaut Gagarin chose, it happened at the last moment, less than a month before the flight. German Titov approved alternate.
First in space
A flight on the spaceship “Vostok” was fraught with great risk for life of Gagarin. Because of the haste was not duplicated some of the important systems the ship is not equipped with a soft landing system, was not even created an emergency rescue system in case of problems during launch. The chance that the first cosmonaut will die, never rising into the air, was very large.
12 April 1961 was carried off from the cosmodrome “Baikonur”. Everyone knows this legendary phrase “let’s Go!”. Due to the fact that there is a problem with the equipment, Gagarin climbed to 100 miles higher than originally planned. If there was a problem with the brake installation, the astronaut would return to Earth more than a month, the supply of water and food were designed for only 10 days.
Despite numerous challenges Yuri Gagarin safely descended from the atmosphere. His unit landed, not where it was planned, but because of the astronaut drove to the nearest village, and from there they called the authorities a report about the successful landing and no injuries. Since the flight was secret, even the Soviet media announced the technological breakthrough of his native state the next day.
As soon as the information became available, Gagarin became a star of world scale. That many contributed to Khrushchev, insisted on worthy reception of the hero. On 14 April there was a Grand festival in honor of the astronaut.
A month later, Gagarin was sent abroad, where he was to visit more than 20 countries, working in particular in a diplomatic way. In all these visits Gagarin proved himself as considerate and charming young man. His personal charisma contributed greatly to the strengthening of positive image of the USSR.
The next few years Yuri Gagarin was engaged primarily in social activities, almost not catching the flight service. The famous cosmonaut put a lot of efforts to popularize the space program, he prepared himself to become a member of the moon space crew. Also, major Gagarin entered the air force engineering Academy, from which he graduated a month before death.
Personal life
In 1957 Yuri Gagarin married Valentina Goryacheva, the employee of the Medical control at the mission control Center.
In this marriage the couple had two girls: Lena – in 1959, Galina was born a month before the legendary flight of his father in March 1961.
After the death of wife, Valentina Goryacheva I got married.
March 27, 1968 Gagarin was performing a training flight and for reasons unknown, made a maneuver, which could not get out. The plane crashed into the earth, Gagarin and his instructor Vladimir Seryogin died.
One of the possible causes of the tragedy called the convergence and sudden avoidance of another aircraft, resulting in the MiG-15UTI Gagarin went into a tailspin. Due to incorrect data about weather conditions and instrument performance, the pilots simply did not have time to bring the aircraft from falling. For years, the truth remained unknown.
In 2013 alone, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov shared declassified information to the press. The above version is fully confirmed. Inexplicably near the plane of Gagarin and Seregin was the SU-15, whose flow drove the MiG-15UTI in the spiral. The pilots died, without having managed to withdraw the plane from falling.

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