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Yuli Borisovich Briner
American film and theater actor of Russian origin.
July 11, 1920 (Vladivostok, Far Eastern Republic) – October 10, 1985 (New York, United States).
Yule was born under the name of Yuli Borisovich Brynner in Russia. His grandfather, Jules Brynner, a citizen of Switzerland, was an adventurer. At 16 he ran away from home. In the summer of 1865 Jules Jung Briner (it was written this name) scrubbed the deck of a pirate ship, plundering ships with silk, marching from China, and silver – from Manchuria. In Yokohama (Japan), a young man got a job in an export company. There he married, but then, leaving his family, he settled in Vladivostok. According to the version of the Yul Brynner, the second time his grandfather had married the daughter of a Mongolian Khan, who was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Jules Briner founded in Vladivostok Steamship-transport company, becoming the largest employer of the Far East. So claimed Yul. Later, his son Rock denied his father, saying that Briner – Russianized Swiss family, who arrived in Russia in the XVIII century, and gardening at the royal court.
In the family of Jules Briner had three girls and three boys. The father of the future Hollywood star Boris Briner graduated from St. Petersburg University. In the northern capital, he met the daughter of the doctor Dmitry Blagovidova Vladivostok – Marusia, who studied at the conservatory. In 1914 they were married, and the summer of 1920 they had a son, whom they named Julius in honor of his grandfather. When Yulu was 4 years old, his father met in Moscow with the actress Catherine Kornakova and fell in love with her. She was the wife of Alexei Wild, the future of the People’s Artist of the USSR. Then Boris Briner left the family and went to Kornakova in Harbin (China). Later, due to the revolutionary events in Russia and moved to Harbin Maroussia Briner children – Yul and Vera. In Harbin Get creative giftedness young Briner: Vera had a good voice, and Yule was actively involved in the home shows.
In 1934 Briner family moved to Paris, where he went to study at Yule Lyceum. Once Yul was in the restaurant, which were Russian gypsies. Their performance is so shocked Julia that he decided to learn to play the guitar. June 15, 1935 in a large Parisian cabaret first concert Yul Briner, performed the gypsy songs. In Paris 1930 he became friends with the gypsy artist Alesha Dimitrijevic, who was then still only known as a dancer. Thirty years later, when Dimitrijevic began to sing, they recorded in Paris, a joint musical album «The gypsy and I» (1967). Then Yul Brynner devoted himself to the art of the circus, and for some time acted with “flying clown” number, which enjoyed great success with the audience. But after spinal injury of this work I had to forget. He started working the scene worker in the company of George (George) Pitoeva (Georges Pitoëff; September 4, 1885, Tbilisi – 1939 Bellevue, Geneva) – Russian and French actor, theater director, an Armenian by origin. It is known theatrical figure, one of the founders of the “Cartel of Four” – the core of the modern French theater. Yul Brynner began taking lessons at the performing arts Pitoeva. In Paris Yul met with Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Marcel Marceau, Jean Marais.
Great Jean Cocteau said: “Yul Brynner had to go crazy to think of before, that he would ever be able to become a great Yul Brynner.” On the eve of the Second World War Brynner decided to leave Europe: the sister went to New York with her mother and Yul returned to Harbin. In Harbin, Yul met with his father and his wife Ekterinoy Kornakova. In 1941, his mother was diagnosed with leukemia Yule and he brought her to the United States for treatment. In addition, he hoped that the US could do to learn acting skills to the Michael Chekhov, who lived in America. He succeeded: he began to work as a truck driver in Chekhov, which drove the scenery and props, as well as take the great Russian actor acting lessons. December 2, 1941 Yul Brynner made his debut in a small role in the play of Fabian “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare. September 6, 1943 Julius Brynner married film actress Virginia Gilmore (was married four times). Brynner had the girl … the Mongolian Khan, who came to the United States to learn English and look for a suitable bride. Virginia believed, looks at the Yule was exotic, oriental. Yul Brynner fluent in several languages, therefore he was called to serve in the US Military News Agency. Before the war he worked as a commentator for a radio station that broadcast their programs on the territory of occupied France. In 1945, Julius B. Briner was invited to the theater, “Plymouth” on Broadway in the title role in the musical “Lute Song”, which he received under the patronage of Virginia Gilmore. The premiere of the play took place February 6, 1946.
In 1949, Yul Brynner played her first film role in the film “Port of New York.” In the late 1940s he worked as an actor and director on TV.
He wrote the book “Take your first child” in 1950. In the second half of the 1960s, he became a citizen of Switzerland and settled in this country. But in 1972, Yul Brynner returned to the US, since 1975 again on Broadway.
In April 1983, during a tour in San Francisco Yul Brynner asked the doctors and they discovered he had lung cancer. Yule was a heavy smoker and smoked up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day.
The disease was not possible to cure it progressed, metastasis has already struck the spinal cord. The actor suffered terrible pain, but continued to perform. And none other than his partner on stage was not aware of what torment he is experiencing.
After the death of Yul Brynner on television several times repeated his short statement about the dangers of smoking, filmed shortly before his death by order of the National Cancer Institute. Sitting in front of a TV camera, he said: “I’m dead, are now only because a lot of smoke, so everyone who sees me now, I say: do not tease fate. Now, when it became aware of my death, I warn you: do not smoke. Anything, but not smoking. If I could go back and quit smoking, there would be no reason to discuss my cancer. I am sure about that”.
This statement first appeared on the screens in the day of death, Yul Brynner, October 10, 1985.
Since 2006, at the International Festival of Asian-Pacific countries Pacific Meridian film one of the parties is awarded a prize named Yul Brynner, established on the initiative of Rock Brynner, Yul son.
September 14, 2005, in Vladivostok, on the facade of house number 15 on the Aleutian street in memory of the Yule Brynner was a memorial plaque.
Admirers talent Yul Brynner were Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Spanish King Juan Carlos, the Greek King Constantine, King Hussein of Jordan.
1956 – National Board of Review, USA – Best Actor of the year in the movie “The King and I,” “Anastasia,” “The Ten Commandments” (all – 1956).
1957 – Award “Oscar” – Best actor of the year for the main role in the movie “The King and I” (1956).
1985 – The theatrical award “Tony”.

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