X-Men: Apocalypse desktop wallpaper

X-Men: Apocalypse

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“Days of Future Past” have not gone unnoticed. The whole world felt the impact of the events. For a place in this world and people are struggling, and mutants. Everyone wants to live. And everyone is ready to go to the last just to get their place in the sun. Time so difficult, however, the X-Men can not even imagine what to expect ahead. New of the enemy is so strong that even come together, it will be difficult to beat him. X-Men to confront a dangerous and very ancient mutant whose name Apocalypse. Fight with such a being can lead to the fact that mutants may remain merely an echo of the past. And not only the mutants, all of humanity under threat of extinction.

At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, the number of mutants rather increased. Therefore Apocalypse decided to hold an extremely extreme experiment. According to him, only the strong can continue their lives. And you just need to weed out the weak. Apocalypse is going on its own to determine who has the right to survive. X-Men, they go in search of a method by which they will be able to win an immortal being called Apocalypse. During all these events, Super Mutants team will be able to explore more information about the origin of their own species. But the X-Men you must not forget that the Apocalypse has incredible strength. The probability of winning the mutants with each passing day goes. Who is it that will be stronger?

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